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    Alignment issue

    Cheers Wickham. That worked perfectly.
  2. papa5murf

    Alignment issue

    Neither of those worked. I've refined the coding, the URL's are the same as posted above. There is a further underlying issue. The problem now is that in Firefox the spacing between the bottom of the banner and the top of the side bar is massive, it's perfect in Explorer. I need the spacing between the two browsers to be the same.
  3. papa5murf

    Alignment issue

    This is probably a very simple fix, but I just can't seem to figure it out. Basically, I can't get the side bar to line up properly. It's fine in Explorer but for some odd reason it goes under the banner in Firefox. If you click the link below, I'm talking about the white box on the left. http://www.dylanpearson.com/websites/ciodash/index.html http://www.dylanpearson.com/websites/ciodash/style.css This side bar will have additional links in it (which shouldn't be a problem once I get the alignment of the box itself sorted). I will be adding another box on the right and a footer at a later time. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Nevermind guys and gals. I've figured it out. Looks perfect in both browsers now.
  5. I'm new to CSS; just stared learning it and I'm having a little issue with placement compatibility between IE and Firefox. I just found a random template and turned it into a web page. I've coded it out and it looks fine in IE but once I open it in Firefox, the alignment of certain areas is off (mainly parts of the main body). This is the web page: http://www.dylanpearson.com/websites/test/v2/index.html This is the CSS file: http://www.dylanpearson.com/websites/test/v2/test.css Any pointers or help with this particular page would be grateful. I'm mainly trying to get it to all line up in Firefox as well. Thanks in advance.
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