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  1. You will probably need some php/javascript programming done to allow users to choose a country they are shopping from. Since that site you provided is done using Shopify, they might have add-ons for this. However, if you plan on doing it strictly using Wordpress then yes you will need some programing done because I don't know if there is any such plugin for WordPress. As for the positioning of the menu at the upper right, this can be done using css. position: fixed; right: 0; top: 0; Just add that to the div containing the menu.
  2. newseed

    Replacing tables

    If you have a fixed width for the div let's say 300px and your image width is 200px and you want it centered then just set a style for the image to be display: block; margin: 0 auto;
  3. newseed

    Replacing tables

    You certainly don't have to use 'row' div but I put it there to help him understand how I replaced the table codes with divs. When I was a beginner it certainly helped me when learning how to move away from tables. As I stated at the end my post... 'Adjust to suit your need'.
  4. newseed

    Replacing tables

    Pretty simple really. CSS: .row { clear: both; } .column { float: left; padding: 10px; /*width: 300*/ /* you can set this width so that your div columns will be equally spaced */ } HTML: <div class="row"> <div class="column"> <a href="gallery1.htm"> <h3> Gallery #1 </h3> <img src="pic1.jpg" width=300 height=200> </a> </div> <div class="column"> <a href="gallery2.htm"> <h3> Gallery #2 </h3> <img src="pic2.jpg" width=300 height=200> </a> </div> </div><!--end row--> <div class="row"> <div class="column"> <a href="gallery3.htm"> <h3> Gallery #3 </h3> <img src="pic3.jpg" width=200 height=300> </a> </div> <div class="column"> <a href="gallery4.htm"> <h3> Gallery #4 </h3> <img src="pic4.jpg" width=200 height=300> </a> </div> </div><!--end row--> The div with class name 'row' would be used like <tr> and the div with class name 'column' would be the same as <td>. Adjust to suit your need.
  5. To add to my last post, <u> is 'underline'
  6. Hmm...the topic title is 'Underline'....isn't <ul> called 'unordered list'?
  7. I've always used Superfish for about 4-5 years now and so I never looked at anything else. Update: You can check out these menus. I also updated the text 'Superfish' as a link.
  8. I just experience this last week where I had two different scripts both dependent on default jquery.js. What I found is that the version of jquery.js is the latest but it didn't work for my older script(1). So I replaced that jquery.js with an older one and then that script(1) started working fine but the other script(2) failed. Script(2) needed the latest jquery to work while script(1) needed an older version. I'm not saying this is same issue you are having but you will probably need to keep an open mind about it. The other thing to look for is the order. jquery.js (1st) script one script two scritp three ...etc. If one of the script is not working then reorder script one, two and three. jquery.js script two script one script three ...etc. I found this to be helpful especially when I introduce a script with another. Based on what you've provided, I see that this line: <script src="js/jqFancyTransitions.js" type="text/javascript"></script> ...is suppose to run both the nav and gallery?? Reason I asked is that this line: <script> $(document).ready( function(){ $('#slideshowHolder').jqFancyTransitions({ width: 960, height: 300 }); }); </script> <script> $('#ft').jqFancyTransitions({ navigation: true, links : false }); </script> Both shows to be using that jqFancyTransitions file. Not sure what that modernizer script is for.
  9. This is one thing I like about KS is that spam are short-lived and in most cases really prevent repeat-offenders from posting a second or third time. However, there is one spam I will accept and don't mind that it doesn't get removed. It's been around for 75 years and it's the kind that everyone loves. My spam link.
  10. Yes...you need make a class for each one.
  11. I found this which works perfectly.
  12. Hi Folks! Been awhile. I have an issue with this script. Basically, I have a class set to be on by default shoping the 'plus' icon image and the script is suppose to remove the class and display the 'minus' icon image when one of the four panels open. It does that fine but it removes the class for all four panels even though I am opening just one. Additionally, when I close the panel it's suppose to add back the class but it doesn't. js is not my strong point. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The url: re/pc/viewCa tegories.asp?idCategory=9 (remove two spaces) The script: $(document).ready(function() { //ACCORDION BUTTON ACTION (ON CLICK DO THE FOLLOWING) $('.accordionButton').click(function() { //REMOVE THE ON CLASS FROM ALL BUTTONS $('.accordionButton').removeClass('on'); //NO MATTER WHAT WE CLOSE ALL OPEN SLIDES //$('.accordionContent').slideUp('normal'); //KEEPS ONE OR MORE SLIDE OPEN UNTIL CLICKED OR PAGE RELOAD - must comment out line 21 to work /* */ if($(this).next().is(':visible')) { $(this).next().slideUp('normal'); } else { $(this).next().slideDown('normal'); } /* */ //IF THE NEXT SLIDE WASN'T OPEN THEN OPEN IT if($(this).next().is(':hidden') == true) { //ADD THE ON CLASS TO THE BUTTON $(this).addClass('on'); //OPEN THE SLIDE $(this).next().slideDown('normal'); } }); /*** REMOVE IF MOUSEOVER IS NOT REQUIRED ***/ //ADDS THE .OVER CLASS FROM THE STYLESHEET ON MOUSEOVER $('.accordionButton').mouseover(function() { $(this).addClass('over'); //ON MOUSEOUT REMOVE THE OVER CLASS }).mouseout(function() { $(this).removeClass('over'); }); /*** END REMOVE IF MOUSEOVER IS NOT REQUIRED ***/ /******************************************************************************************************************** CLOSES ALL S ON PAGE LOAD ********************************************************************************************************************/ $('.accordionContent').hide(); });
  13. You didn't indicate if the slideshow is flash or jquery. If flash then you will probably need to set the parameter to wmode="transparent". If jquery, check to see what the slideshow's and menu's z-index is set for. You want to make sure the z-index is higher for the menu.
  14. You can always create your own .htaccess file and supply the necessary logic to set the .htm or .html. Typcially, (not always the case) you open up your text editor and apply the logic. Then save it as htaccess.txt . Notice it's a simple text file. You would then upload that file to the root. Now to get it to work. You would need to login to your host's control panel and go to the file manager. Look for the htaccess.txt file. Just rename the file to .htaccess (no .txt extension but you now have a period in front of htaccess) For me, it's even easier than that. I use Expression Web and it will allow me to edit the .htaccess file as is without having to download/upload and rename the file. This was I can update the file on the fly and see the changes instantly.
  15. I think you've missed the humor on this topic.
  16. Ah...funny. Here's my two-bits worth about Democrats. All in good fun I might add. All are actual CSS. .democrats { background: #A2FACE; /* A Two Face */ dominant-baseline:ideographic; fit-position:left; font-family:Jokerman; /* yep, it's a font */ list-style-type:square; overflow: hidden; perspective:none; richness:inherit; speech-rate:slow; target-position:behind; visibility:hidden; voice-balance:leftwards; volume:silent; }
  17. What is YOUR DOMAIN that is being redirected to fake.com? Unless someone has access to the host control panel a domain can't be forwarded by anyone. You must have access to the domain name (not just hosting) where you can check to see if forwarding is turned on with a url of fake.com. If so, then remove that fowarding. Again, I would contact your host tech support in this regard. Often times people will register their domain at one account but use another account for hosting. So be sure you are able to access both.
  18. I wonder if the your host server got hack or you account got hacked. I would talk to your host tech support and let them know your issue.
  19. Thanks Ben. I just never knew what it was called. Seems pretty straight forward but I wonder if this is of no value other than that it looks cool. Can't see using this site wide except maybe on the initial landing page.
  20. Here's another one: http://www.ascensionlatorre.com/home Same as the last one but also watch the top header logo area as you scroll down.
  21. I came across this site: http://www.anchorbrewing.com/brewery/our_craft and found something I never seen before. Pay close attention as you scroll down and look how the background transition as you scroll. It's almost like a video swipe where a new video comes in at one speed while the previous is goes out at a slower speed. Any idea how this is done? Supposedly it's compatiable for desktop, Ipad and mobile.
  22. Creating a chat for web is not something you can do in a few hours. There are various things you have to code for in order for it work and the most important is a secure connections. I have no skills in this area but you might look at the freebie one you were talking about and see if it's an open source. If it is, then you can alter the code to suit your need. If not, google "open source chat for web" . You will certainly find a list to choose from.
  23. I assume you are trying to display a signal product item on a page other than the product page itself. You can determine the product id that you are trying to pull in by navigating to that product page and look for a id number within the url.
  24. For what you are doing I would use something like FancyBox or Highslide.
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