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  1. Hello again, My American friend told me there is nothing to worry about because my domain name is older and the content of the fake.com is completely like my website so people would still contact me. I believe my American friend is right. If you have something that can help me well, feel free to share it having plenty of ideas is great. Thanks for the reply in advance. Kind regards, Don 76
  2. Hello, My domain is not being forwarder to any domain. I can still type my domain name to any web browser and it would still go to my website. The fake.com when you type it to any browser it would go to my website. I say my website because it is completely identical to my website even our phone number and address and even our faces are included there, it is like a mirror image of our website, the same IP address. So I believe they are the one who pointed their domain name(fake.com) to my domain name. Do you think it can create harm? I can't give the domain name of my website here this is a
  3. Thank you very much for the reply. I'm very sorry for my late reply I was busy trying to find out the person behind that domain name. That would be a big help, but that would take your time. I will just do it myself. So it is most likely that my account was hacked? I'm not using CMS so no administrator account for my website. Or the server was hacked? I thought domain forwarding can be done by anyone. If it is really a domain forwarding. The domain name fake.com when you type it to the browser would give completely 100% my website. I mean very similar even the contact phone are the same
  4. Hello, I have a website and I found out that someone is pointing his/her domain name to my website without my permission. Every time I would make any changes to my website that domain name (website) would change instantly. So I believe it is a domain forwarding. I'm planning to market my website and every time people would type my domain name at search engine they would see the thief's domain name and not my domain name. This would be frustrating to the people (including me) who would search my website using search engine because they would see a different domain name. Is there an
  5. hello, I can do that what I'm thinking and I think what the SEO tool is telling is that there is a broken link inside the PHP code. I'm not an adept PHP programmer so I really can't see where that code is broken, but I think I can find that out by the help of you Link checker from W3C you just gave me. I just have to rewrite the robot.txt so that the link checker can crawl it and find out. Thanks Andrea for the help I really appreciate. Kind regards, Don
  6. Thank you very much for that Link Checker didn't know it exist. I tried it but the robot.txt is blocking it. Thanks again. Hopefully someone who knows PHP can see the code above. It was taught here at killersites.com but I'm a beginner I must have missed it. Kind regards, Don
  7. Hello, I built a contact page on my website using the codes I have learn here at Killersites.com Video tutorial Library, I have use an SEO tool for my website and it told me there is a broken internal link inside the code, I can't find it. Please help me where is this broken internal link. Any help or suggestion is appreciated. Anyway I have replaced my website address to www.mywebsite.com for privacy reason and also my email address was changed. My website is working fine and I can actually send message and received it, but in the codes the SEO tool detected a broken link. Thi
  8. thank you very much Eddie for sharing that to us. I will try to check that out LiquidNet Ltd. Kind Regards, Don Ross 76
  9. Thanks guys I really appreciate your opinion and help. So Eddie I hope you don't mind me asking where does TKG is hosted? Don't reply if you don't want to answer this. Kind Regards to all of you, Don Ross 76
  10. Hello everyone and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I would just like to ask, if you are planning to start as a web developer/designer and put your portfolio online what web hosting company would you recommend? godaddy.com is a huge web hosting company but they have their own web developer/designer out there, do they still welcome web developers/designer? I mean they might think you are in some kind of competition to their in house web developer. I have read that one web developer said that it was the worst web hosting company he was in. I don't know how true is that. I'm attracted
  11. Thank you very much Benjaminmorgan Kind Regards, Don Ross 76
  12. Thank you very much again Eddie. That's a good idea. kind Regards, Don Ross 76
  13. Hello, I placed I captcha on the website that I'm building. I just copy paste the codes from google and it is working on my local machine. I placed this captcha on the html submit form. So after a user complete the form and able to solve the captcha the user is directed to a success page. After the success page the user would be just staring the success message. I like the success page after showing up sometime be redirected to another webpage of my website like the home page. I can't figure this out. I tried to search google and I can't find it, I tried to search this forum but th
  14. Thank you very much Wickham I appreciate. You made things more clearer for a beginner like me. Now I know that those menus and codes from cssplay can be use and javascript or jquery would add a better look to the website. I just have to watch out for those conditional comments Thanks again and to all the people who shared their ideas and information regarding this topic.
  15. Here is the exact url: http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/float-drop-multi-column.html'>http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/float-drop-multi-column.html According to the author it was Tested and working in IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Flock, SeaMonkey, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This code is valid and it works in many browsers. If this is the case then I don't see any harm in using this to build websites for people. I can't find any drawback or any disadvantage of using this codes. I'm not against javascript, I like javascript but some people disable their browse
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