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  1. This is really great to heard new thing. & i have search on net about the same. It's all about the unnatural links from the profiel or other seo off page activites. Basically google send massage to webmaster tool about the same... for ranking it's required to remove links. Thanks,
  2. Hello, I am having a problem in apache server, it doesn't load authomatically the index.html, but in index.php work fine I have this configuration on httpd.conf, i am runnig it on my local computer using windows 7 I have tried this... but it's not working any more.. i also tried... but failed but i found the same results... Kindly help me out for the same.. Looking for the help. Thanks,
  3. Hello Friends, i have download & installed adobe cs5 design premium, every thing is working without problem except dreamweaver which was not working... I have tried more than couple of times for reinstalled but the same results.... even if i have removed my all preference files, application support files & library application support files.... after that i have uninstalled cs4 & installed cs5 a fresh copy of cs5. dreamweaver cs5 is not opening. it was not hanging either, i can click on the dock & quite without a force quit. It appears that the open sequence is missing something. Mac OS X 10.6.3 can any one guide me how to installed?? looking for help.
  4. Hello Friends, i have one problem & looking for help to know the solution. i have one of my client site & want to solve by my self, where i am working... can any one help me out form div overlapping? two things are there one is navigation dropdown & second for banner slide show, problem is dropdown menu is coming below the content visible in banner slide show (content is dynamic). my client as well I am looking for that dropdown manu should come at top. kindly guide me (sorry but not able to display url & code) if you guide me that would be appriciated! Thanks,
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