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    Yeah, that's another thing I like about it. It gives you extra space by just doing a few things such as refer someone. Besides that, I like that fact how easy it is to get files from one computer to another. And again, it just seems so much faster compared to using FTP of any sort.
  2. newseed


    I don't know if this was ever posted here in the past but I found a really great tool that will allow you to share files instantly without having to provide FTP access or upload it to your host site or whatever. Dropbox In addition, it's faster when it comes to uploading and downloading. Don't ask me why but it is certainly much faster and easier to use. Also, it has a sync that will update any new or modified files. You can either view your files via Dropbox website or a special Dropbox folder on your computer using Windows Exporer. If you happen to add a file to the Dropbox folder via Windows Explorer it will automatically upload it to the Dropbox website. It's secure too. The only way to share the files is by getting a user to sign up for Dropbox using your email address as a referrel and then install the Dropbox software (very small) and you are good to go. Space is another issue. Most email account are limited to 10mb but Dropbox has a 2gb space. Most of my psd files I get from clients now seems to be over 10mb causing them to use FTP. I now just tell them about this. This is also ideal for those that have two or more computers that may not be connected on the same network (router) but need to get files over from one computer to another via internet. I have been using this for about a month now and I can't begin to tell you just how much easier and faster it is to get files to other people I work with without the hassel of FTP, emails, etc. Most of you know me and I generally don't post links to another site unless I think it's worth while for developers and even a typical user.
  3. The usemap should match precisely as the 'name' of the map tag. <map name="FPMap0"> is not the same as... usemap="#FPMap0" Either remove the # from usemap or add the # to the map name.
  4. Thank you Corine. The Simple Facebook Connect did what I needed.
  5. After doing web design for 7 years I have been requested to add a Facebook widget for the first time. I know...Wow! But that's how it is and so I am a bit overwhelmed by the many plugins available. I have tried about 6-7 so far but I am unable to get any of them to work either they are outdated or lack instructions. Here's the site that I need done: barr ierre efaquariums.com/aquarium-blog/ (remove two spaces) If you scroll down and look on the right you will see a Twitter widget that extracts the last few recent posts. I want something just like that for Facebook. The Twitter plugin was really easy...you just add the ID and presto it's done. Facebook seems to be entirely different beast. Some ask to create apps, others are for either icons, like buttons, profile, status, etc but none that seems to allow me to display the last few recent posts from Facebook. Any suggestions? Susie? Where are you!!
  6. It can be done using div but I see no reason why you can't use tables in this case.
  7. When you want to use a Mailchimp form WITHOUT the formatting then you just need the html portion only. You can then style that form yourself. <form action="(ADD THE MAILCHIMP ACTION URL HERE" method="post" id="mc-embedded-subscribe-form" name="mc-embedded-subscribe-form" class="validate" target="_blank"> <p> <input class="search" type="email" name="EMAIL" id="mce-EMAIL" value="Enter Your Email Address" onclick='this.value = ""' placeholder="email address" required> <input class="submit" type="submit" name="subscribe" id="mc-embedded-subscribe" value=""> </p> </form> You can also set up Mailchimp to use your own custom Thank You and Welcome pages.
  8. CMS is not as simple as HTML/CSS as far as putting it together but CMS is ideal for those that want to edit/create pages via the admin without any HTML/CSS skills. Of course there is more to it than that but if you have never used a CMS before then you might want to test drive one and review the backend to see how it works. I'd suggest Wordpress because it's easy to set up and has loads of plugins you can use.
  9. You cannot just use any image freely without giving credit. It's common sense. There are some images you can use freely such as icons or background images, etc. However, you must check the fine print of any site that you get your images from. You can add RSS newsfeed to your site which will allow you to get certain articles from the publisher. However, if you plan on extracting and posting the content on your site yourself (not using RSS feed) then you will need to add a link back to wherever you got the article from. Most authors don't mind having their content posted elsewhere but it would ideal to respect their writings by asking them if it's okay to use their materials. Again, it's common sense. I know of no sites in this regard but one way to best determine if it's morally okay to use someone elses work, put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself how you would feel if someone took your work and claimed it as their own?
  10. Go to Adobe Dreamweaver forum support where you will find users that are skilled in Dreamweaver.
  11. Try display:block instead of display:inline
  12. Then you will need to edit that file I'd mention. You will find it in the root of your Wordpress files.
  13. You will have a define styles for the second level (sub-level) to override the parent link. Here's your style for the links as you have it now: #navMenu ul li a { color: #000000; display: block; font-family: "Comic Sans MS",cursive; height: 30px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; width: 150px; } Based on this css this will style the parent and all sub-levels. To style the sub-level differently you will need to create a new css like this: #navMenu ul ul li a { } You will notice it is similar to the css I've posted earlier with the exception of a new ul. This will tell it to style to sub-level only. So if you want to change the color to be different from the parent link then you will simply just add your color to the new css: #navMenu ul ul li a { color: #ff0000; } This will change the sublevel links to red. Remember, only add what you want to change from the parent link.
  14. You did not mention that you had edited the wp-config-sample.php file. You must add your database info there and then rename the file to wp-config.php
  15. Did you create a database via MAMP? Did you edit the wp-config file to the database settings you are using?
  16. The WAMP version at the time the video was produced was using WAMP5. The WAMP Server 2.2 is the latest version and so installing it will be fine to continue your tutorials.
  17. This post sounds very familiar from a client I have about a photography website some 3-4 years ago. I asked more questions about what she was trying to do and found that she was way in over her head. So I suggested to her a program called Photo Cart. Maybe this is something you are trying achieve? If not, then you might want to provide a bit more info along with code you have now.
  18. You can do something like this or you might even do something like this.
  19. Look at the css carefully: <div style=" background-color:#993333;"> <p style="color:#fff!important;">' You need a space between the color code and the exclaimation point. <div style=" background-color:#993333;"> <p style="color:#fff !important;">'
  20. newseed

    Irregular Shap CSS

    I am assuming dotted pink border is for the popup window? Based on your attached image, you can easily crop out that triangle pointer. If you need it to be pink then go ahead and set your popup per my instructions and apply the pink border around the inner div. Give this to your design team to have them create the pointer image to match. As for css, I do believe there is a way to do the triangle pointer but all the ones I have seen uses way too many div/span tags and css. Other uses javascript or jquery. Mine would be easier and less complicated even though the pointer will be fixed into position. Google tooltip popups. You might find something you would like to use instead.
  21. newseed

    Irregular Shap CSS

    You do this with 2 divs and a span tag. The first div will wrap the other div. We'll call it 'popup-wrap'. You will give that div a position:relative; and a padding-left: 30px (or whatever your triangular image width is). Naturally, we want to hide this using display: none but just leave it as is until you get the design of the popup box done. Next, you would add the inner div and style it according to you mockup (i.e. border, background-color, height, width, etc). We'll call that div 'popup-inner'. You would then apply your span tag just before the closing 'popup-wrap' div. To be sure it doesn't not interefe with any span tags that might be used in the popup content let's add a class called 'pointer' Set the span to have a width, height and display: block;. Next, you will add position:absolute to it with top: 0 and left:0 for starters. You can either set the triangular image to be contained within the span tag or use the background-image css. Once you got it laid out correctly then you can set the 'popup-wrap' to display: none; Of course you will have to tweak the hover affect to get the popup to appear and position correctly. Here's the html to get your started: <a href="#"><img alt="" src="the url to your image badge"> <div class="popup-wrap"> <div class="popup-inner"> </div> <span class="pointer"></span> </div> You can css it based on what I mentioned earlier. Of course you will need to css the anchor tag to set the popup to hide and appear on hover. a div.popup-wrap {display: none;} a:hover div.popup-wrap {display: block;} If you have issues, upload it to your site and provide a url.
  22. It's your preference. However, if you wanting to add more styles for Fancybox then add them there at the bottom of your stylesheet with a comment line seperating the default styles and your styles like this: /* begin lulu styles */ ---add all your styles here---
  23. You can certainly have more than one stylesheets. Just keep them seperate and you will find it's easier to manage.
  24. You can have both domain if you want (.com and .org). Use the .com for website and the .org for emails. Of course both required to be hosted but odds are that whatever hosting you use will allow more than one domain to be hosted without additional cost. For me, my spam is a very minimum. Spam emails are going to be a part of life but it doesn't mean you have to put up with 50-60 spam emails a day. In most cases it's the email account holder that causes most spams in which they were not careful about how they used their email address. Overwall, there is no way to completely stop spam but you can keep to a mininum. Most host will offer email spam protection that will stop spam before it gets to your inbox. I find that using a dot in your email address also help but not necessarily fool proof. (i.e. john.doe@mydomain.com). If you use an online email form make sure you have a good one that prevents spams. Also it probably a really good idean to have a good captcha applied to the form as well where only a real human can enter in security code correctly.
  25. If you code for Firefox and make sure it validates then the chances are very good that it will behave as it should in IE9 to IE7 as well as Google Crome and Safari. In rare cases will you need to make tweaks for non-Firefox browsers. As for IE6, I don't bother. I can't remember the last time someone ever complained that the site doesn't look right in IE6. It has to be at least 2 years ago.
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