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  1. how do I change the user's permission in mysql using mamp ? I'm having trouble with wordpress. When i try and post or save anything i get the spinning gear and the error "page not found"
  2. I've been following the killersite video training for wordpress and dreamweaver. I came to the part of creating menus, etc and whenever i try and save anything i just get the endless spinning gear and ultimately "page not found". I can't save a new post, or anything for that matter - same thing happens ... endless spinning gear. I can preview but not publish or save. If i just keep the post to a few words it lets me save so i don't know what the heck is happening. I'm working on my local copy (http://localhost/mysite/wordpress/wp-admin I would appreciate any help as to what i'm doi
  3. Eddie - i didn't edit anything. I followed the video instructor step by step. After creating the database he says to go to: http://localhost/database/wordpress/wp-admin. When I try and go there i get the error.
  4. Hi Eddie - Yes, I created the database using MAMP. I followed along with the instructor in the video exactly. After creating the database he says to open http://localhost/database/wordpress/wp-admin and installs wordpress from there. However, when I follow that link I get an error message from safari saying "can't connect to server" and that's where I'm stuck. Thank you for you help.
  5. I've been watching the killersites.com videos on youtube (awesome by the way) and am stuck on the INSTALL MAMP video. I downloaded and installed MAMP correctly and set up my database with no problems. I downloaded wordpress and then copied the files to HTDOCS but when trying to do the wordpress install at: http://localhoast/moldremovalservice/wordpress/wp-admin (video marker 3:50/8:05 )i get the error message "safari can't connect to server" What am i doing wrong? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Here's a link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1Qhjhv1jW0&
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