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  1. Hi Ben, thanks for your post. I'm not sure if the server is set up to support .htaccess files, but will check. To be honest, I didn't realise I had to do that. The old site no longer exists at all, but does appear on various articles online. Before I bought the domain name, I think clicking on the link went nowhere. I want it to go to my new site. Can I do this using one of the above statements?
  2. Thanks again, Ben. I think I'm currently running on a windows server. I have an .htaccess file in place on my current website to force a refresh. Can I add to this, or are you only allowed one 'command' so to speak? If I can add to it, the link you gave suggests the following to redirect from one domain to another which is what I think I need as I want to redirect anyone finding links to the defunct site on the internet to my new site: RedirectPermanent / http://www.new-domain.com/ I'm not entirely clear on how to 'word' the redirect though - where does the defunct site address go?! Sorry, this is probably very obvious and I'm missing the point!
  3. Thanks, Ben. I've had a look through the links you've given and the first option seems the best particularly (if I understand what I've just read correctly) as this method preserves the ranking on my new site rather than the defunct one. I definitely would like to redirect permanently. However, I don't quite understand what I need to do to achieve this! Can you help me?
  4. How do I stop search engines such as Google etc from retrieving a now defunct website in its searches? I own the domain name and have redirected it to a new site, but when I run a search using keywords, the old site comes top of the list. Any advice much appreciated.
  5. Thanks, Benjamin. I'll try that out. Any thoughts on what, if anything, I need to do re the zoom function?
  6. Thanks for getting back to me. I'm not 100% certain what you mean re the class question but I'll do my best to answer you. Each page has various divs and classes. I'm using Fancybox for my image galleries and their instructions are to code each image as follows: <a class="fancybox" title="This is my image catpion" rel="group1" href="images/aa01.jpg"><img src="images/aa01_t.jpg" alt="" /></a> I did a search a found 7 instances of 'zoom' - 1 in the Fancybox css file, 5 in the Fancybox js file, and 1 in the Spry Menu Bar css file. The Fancybox files came ready coded and I have not altered them. The Spry file 'zoom' was something I added to fix an IE6 error under guidance. I've checked all my id's and don't think I am using the same one twice, or certainly not on the same page. I have a folder of images for each page and within those, there may be repetition eg the id's aa01 and aa01_t may be in several folders, but are different images. Does that help explain the situation or do you need more information?
  7. Hi, I have created a simple website and all the images are sized using Photoshop CS4 beforehand. When viewed in Chrome and Firefox, the images all appear as they should do. When viewed in IE9, some of the images throughout the website are larger than they should be whilst others are exactly as they should be. The 'rogue' images are not confined to one page, it's generally one image out of several wich is affected. Here's what I've done to try and sort out the problem, without success: - checked Internet Options to make sure that Enable Automatic Resizing is not checked, which it isn't - checked the code and there is nothing I can see which should force certain images to resize. - xhecked that one or two of the affected images are correctly sized which they are. To make sure, I deleted one of them and did the work again in Photoshop. IE9 still resized the image to be 1" approx. bigger. I don't understand why the resize is only affecting certain images. Can anyone help me with this? Hope to hear from someone soon. Many thanks.
  8. Thanks for your post, Andrea. I kind of figured that, but hoped I was wrong!
  9. Thanks for your post and the link, linton. Do you, or anyone else, know if there is a way to refresh the whole website rather than one page at a time?
  10. Hi, and thanks for your response. The problem isn't really with me, as I know to simply refresh the page/s. However, many of the users of the site aren't very computer literate and don't really understand that you have to refresh pages. Also, you have to refresh every single page which is a nuisance. If you, or anyone else has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Thanks again.
  11. Hi I've put together a small, simple website. However I'm still working on it. Everytime I make changes to it, I and other users who have previously viewed the website have to refresh every single page for the updates to show, particularly those affecting the navigation bar. Shouldn't 'Refresh' refresh the whole website, or have I done something wrong? If this is just the way a website normally works, can I force the website and/or individual pages to automatically refresh by using something like the pragma: no-cache tag? If I can, what are the implications - is it a question of the speed the page and images load? Are there any other considerations? If I don't do this, what else can I do to stop the situation where users have to refresh every single page? Hope to hear from someone soon!
  12. Hi linton, thanks for getting back to me, and for the links etc. Interesting idea re Adobe Bridge. I'll try it out. I posted the question on another web design forum and was advised to do whatever made sense to you, providing you weren't going to end up with a massive site. I've found some really useful stuff on youtube re layouts and stuff. Check out this guy: http://www.youtube.com/user/createthenet. Some of his projects look at image galleries and such like. Good luck with your site!
  13. Hi I am about to start adding images to my gallery pages and wanted advice as to how best structure the folders within html. I already have an 'images' folder and, from what I've read, it's probably best to have all my images in one folder. Do others agree? I was then going put the images for each gallery within a sub folder, ie myWebsite > images > gallery1 (gallery2, gallery3 etc). Does that sound ok, or would I better having the galleries directly under the site folder, ie: myWebsite > gallery1 (gallery2, gallery3 etc). I'm not sure what the implications are for the website in terms of speed of loading etc dependent on where the images are stored. Any help of advice would be really appreciated. Many thanks.
  14. Hi I've recently attempted some tidying up in Dreamweaver and moved a couple of folders around during which I received this message: "The cache will now be recreated because the name, root folder, HTTP address of cloaking settings of the site have been changed." I tried to close the dialogue box, but the system went ahead and recreated the cache. I now have a total 'bugger's muddle' in DW where one of the folders I was moving has become the top level folder and every single thing on my desktop including links, miscellaneous folders, DW folders etc are sub folders of it. I've read quite a bit since about cache recreate and think I understand what it's supposed to do, but I can't see why it would have done what it has. Has anyone used cache recreate, and what was the outcome? Many thanks
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