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  1. administrator

    Why Code Fails To Grab User Real IP ?

    Could be what the proxy is sending out. Or more likely, your code might be just returning a binary - true or false ... or in other words, 1 or 0. Have you tried this code on a live server? ... Could also be a Xamp issue? Stef
  2. administrator

    Can't put separate pages in one page for scrollable website!!

    Just have one page with links at different spots in the page. If this is something you don't understand, then you need my popular training course: https://shop.killervideostore.com/
  3. administrator

    pointing over a domain name

    Hi, Step 1: Get the IP address you will be hosting the site on from your hosting company. Step 2: Go to goDaddy and change the domain names DNS setting to point to the IP address. Notes: GoDaddy might be handling the sites DNS settings ... or you may have to find out from goDaddy who is handling the sites DNS. DNS is short for Domain Name Server ... and it is the address book that tells the web WHICH server your site is being hosted on. It's a lot to take in, but asking your new hosting company should give you the answers what you need to do do move the site.
  4. administrator

    Public profile

    The public profile is just there for students who want to show their progress to other people. It comes from the fact that StudioWeb is used in many schools ... colleges etc.
  5. The variable IS $my_connection Use the hints provided. Thanks!
  6. administrator

    StudioWeb does not recognized a course completed

    Is this still the case? What is your StudioWeb ID?
  7. administrator

    PHP echo doesnt print the result on screen

    Be sure you are running the page through the server and not directly loading the page in your web browser. ... The PHP code needs to be processed.
  8. administrator

    reset the progress in my studioweb???

    Hi, Yes, SW4 doesn't allow that yet. We will changing that in a future update to allow for that. Meanwhile, send me an email and I will give you a new account to do the courses again.
  9. administrator

    Interactive Developer Course

    Hi, Check your activation email where you are given the URL to access the projects. Sorry for the delay.
  10. What is the error ... is it a PHP error you are getting and what is the error message? .... These details help people debug.
  11. administrator

    How to read selected node and its value from large xml file

    All of the server side languages can process XML, just search for language + process XML. Exampe: PHP process xml. If you are creating a small application ... then PHP is your best bet for sure. Stef
  12. So when the JavaScript is enabled, the data is saved? If so, that would suggest a JS issue, not PHP. Let me know!
  13. Yes. Each project tutorial is a step-by-step walkthrough. I will follow the instructions in the intro video and do some real-world job for someone.