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Footer CSS or Table


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What would be the best for the footer.

I would like to add 4 banners horizontal. I found this style in the book but it can't make it work :(



div#aaa {position : a;}

div#bbb{position: b;}

div#ccc {position: c;}

div#ddd {position: d;}





Thanks to killersites members I finished my #content with div.news with 2 cols.


I would appreciate some suggestions for the footer. I am trying to add 4 horizontal banners on top and links under.




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You didn't say how wide the footer is going to be but let me assume that it's 900px wide and based on the code you gave it looks like the banner images are 200px wide each.


You can do this with one css class and id:


#banner-wrap {width: 800px; margin: 0 auto;}

.banner {float: left; width:200px;}



This will place all four banners horizontally and centered.

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If you have Firefox, install developer bar .

On a left side of this bar is a button: CSS - Edit CSS.

Now you can change margins and paddings live in browser to center the banner div.

When you ready with editing, you can save your CSS file, replacing the old version.

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