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Contribute Question


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Hi there,

I am using contribute for a website and am formatting a header in Illustrator. I would like to exactly replicate the color of the font used on the home page that is done in contribute to match the text I am using in Illustrator for the Header. I have tried several times to guess, but wondered if there is someway the computer has data on the colors that would be transferable to Illustrator from Contribute so that I don't have two "almost alike" colors on the home page.


Any advice or leads to someone/somewhere I can go to get more info would be great.




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Wickham, thanks for the tip. I did try downloading the natty ware as a "zip" but I think I might be missing a step. When I went to scroll over the text I wanted to CMYK for it didn't pop up. Any more tips?


LSW, thanks for your thoughts as well...the html only shows the color number in contribute it does not tell me the cmyk so that I can replicate the color in photoshop. Any clue on what a good color picker is that I could download for free? If not, I will pay but wanted to make sure I looked at options first before investing money.


Thanks again to the both of you for replying,


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