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Getting Clients


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Thought it was appropriate to split this into its own topic, rather than hijacking someone else's topic. :)


Personally... most of my clients come from word of mouth -- from people I know in my day-to-day life. I'm constantly talking about what I do, passing out business cards where appropriate without being pushy, and I have a lot of family members or past clients who recommend me or know me as the "web design guy".


One thing I will note though -- only one of the items in your portfolio is a website that someone can visit, and that site seems to be down with an error at the moment. Also, your Facebook link (at least in your profile here on the forum?) doesn't seem to work for me.


I'll post more later as I think of it...

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Hello Benjaminmorgan,


In my opinion classified submission on classified websites can help you to get clients, but keep in mind following things during classified writing:-


1) Use an attractive and eye catching title for your classified ad.

2) Your first line of classified description should be able to grab attention.

3) Show uniqueness of your service, expertise and also portfolio link.

4) End your classified ad with a call to actions statement.

5) After call to action write down your contact details like name, email id, phone and fax numbers, address etc.


After writing classified submit it in different classified sites.

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I forgot to change the facebook thing. I merged with a few friends online and started a different company. I hadn't updated the signature because we are moving servers but I guess the users will be able to see it when it comes back online.


I have tried business cards, etc. and no one seems to need web design. I live in a town of 3000 people and it is very far away from anyplace so not that many people to reach.


I have also tried classifieds before and didn't get me any.


The site that was down in the portfolio link was a wordpress site where my browser closed off in mid update and it messed it up. I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet.

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Hey there, that sounds pretty frustrating but maybe I can help. I used to be full time hands on in web development but since started helping web development companies and freelancers with the business side.


A while back I did a Biz Dev Bootcamp Youtube video. No BS just 15mins of straight up getting it done. Check it out, if you have questions afterwards I'm happy to answer them.



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