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  1. For E-commerce websites Joomla and Magento are the best choice
  2. I Think You are right & ofcource you will learn from this forum Good Luck !
  3. Hello Daddyalfie, Seo is a slow and continuous process and it will take time to bring a website in top ten or in first position, so an seo expert could not claim that he/she would be able to accomplish this task within a few days or weeks, but during seo process you will see seo-results in terms of high traffic, link building, lead generation, online visibility of your site. So in my opinion look for an experienced seo expert who should has sound knowledge about seo, who uses white hat seo techniques and know everything about Google updates.
  4. Hello Benjaminmorgan, In my opinion classified submission on classified websites can help you to get clients, but keep in mind following things during classified writing:- 1) Use an attractive and eye catching title for your classified ad. 2) Your first line of classified description should be able to grab attention. 3) Show uniqueness of your service, expertise and also portfolio link. 4) End your classified ad with a call to actions statement. 5) After call to action write down your contact details like name, email id, phone and fax numbers, address etc. After writing classified submit it in different classified sites.
  5. Hi Alfie , Its really pleasure as you are quite interested to know about seo. The term keywords in seo means the words which a user use to search web content. If a website contain that keywords then it comes in search results and because of this reason, most of the seo specialist use keywords in Metatags as well as in web content. Here Metatags include Meta Keywords and Meta Description and besides this Title is also used to insert keywords, as these all elements are crawled and indexed by search engines.
  6. In today scenario Social Media marketing can also work well to promote online business, but SMO activity really required great research regarding target customers, their interest, requirement, spending hours on social media and amny more things. Besides this if you also deliver useful information, free gifts or attractive offers then it will boost your selling for the products.
  7. Hi, I am Monika verma, working as Marcom executive at cdndesignstudio.com. I like to learn and share web design and development techniques and also like to stumble IT News..

  8. Hello friends, I am pleased to join Killersites forum :)

    1. emmsdan


      hi. Am a newbe in the web can someone tell me how to start.

    2. cdndesignstudio


      Hi eddesign,


      You can start this forum by reading the queries of your favorite topic and then try to answer it. If you are unable to give reply then read the other's answers and then try to give a conclusion, if you have still problem then you can raise your question in that discussion. These all things help you to become master in your favorite topic. So best of luck Dear !!!!



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