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looking for user reputation points

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Good day, I am trying to build a site quickly so I am using WP again. It is a personal site and I need to have a user reputation of some kind. What I am looking for is to give the ability to users of the site to rate other users with a few questions and then give points in response to the answers. This might help you understand what I am looking for, the site is a free trading site where you can come and trade anything from video games to movies or what ever you want. I would like to find a plug in that would let me configure it with a few questions like, was the cd scratched, did it arrive quickly among others and the give rating points. Kinda looking for something like when you go and click watch topic here on this site.


PS sorry for the rambling been working on this for quite a few hours and my brain is getting fried. So with that good night all.


PPS I know I will probably have to go and code it, but thought I would give it a try here first. Thank you

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It is always a good idea to see if someone else has built it before you start writing code ... the top three rules of programming are:


1. Reuse

2. Reuse

3. Reuse


I would check out sourceforge.net for what you are looking for and there are other place for free open source software.


We recently created our own testimonials and star rating system, for our soon to be released new video store. We decided to build it from scratch, given our particular needs and since it was an easy job. Instead of people, our little system allows people to rate the video courses and comment on them.



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Thanks Stefan, I do agree reuse, reuse. I have all kinds of code stipits in a folder that I reuse all the time, I just need to edit it a little. I did for get about sourceforge.net, I did try hot scripts. I need exactly what you built well almost.


I did find a lot of star rating systems. But none that lets you rate other users. I do think that I could just add to some of them that I found to make them do what I want.


My problem is that making a star rating system is pretty easy but I am kinda lost on how to apply it to users. I know I have to pull them from the data base. But that is all that I have. I will do some more studying on this.


Also I can not decide if it would be easier with PHP or jQuery.

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I did a little looking, and I didn't find much either. Mostly rating systems that applied to specific products or pages, but not users specifically. Probably something you'd need to build yourself.


While you could definitely use jQuery to some extent if you need javascript interactivity, you'll need to build this in PHP. You can't connect to a database using just Javascript/jQuery.

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Thanks for looking Ben. I was just thinking once I used php to get the info from the data base I could use javascript to do the rest. Basically I just wanted to experiment with javascript. I am just now trying to learn it. But I will probably build it all in php like you said.

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