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A list of essential technical web design skills :-


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There are essential technical skills for which you need to work towards if you want to design a successful site. It is very necessary to have a broad understanding of technical skills for a web designer. Before you start on your first web design journey,you are going to need the knowledge of below listed technical skills for designing a website....


(1) CSS


(3) SEO

(4) Javascript

(5) PHP framework


You can add more essential technical skills to the list......

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By the way, these days JavaScript has become a much more valuable a skill to have, because it is now the only universal language of the Web ... and beyond. Think about it, if you are doing server-side programming, you have many competing solutions:


- php

- ruby

- java

- .net/C#


... and others. But when it comes to client-side programming, you have only JavaScript. And these days, using JavaScript to enhance a website is all too common. Much, much more so than it was just 4-5 yrs ago.


Now let's throw in the huge rise in HTML5 & CSS3 that works on iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac OSX and Windows 8 natively ... and JavaScript is the language used to drive HTML5 & CSS3. You get the idea.



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Follow Stephen's advice it worked for me.


You can build a web site with only html and css. This is called a static site. This is where I start all of my ex-turns out. It can become over whelming to them if I start throwing them php.


When you add PHP ect. you now have what you call a dynamic site.


But again for people just starting out I stress follow Stephen's advice.

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Basic Knowledge you all are missing is Accessibility.

No use building a site if you are going to lock potential users out or make the site to difficult to use. Accessibility ensures everyone can use the site easily and creates a search engine friendly website so is your SEO.


The issues faced include , but are not limited to:

  • Blind/poor vision
  • Color blindness
  • Reading issues
  • mobility (cannot use a mouse, including temporary like a broken wrist/hand)
  • Autism
  • Poor English language skills
  • Deafness (when using Video in web sites)
  • Alternative user agents

Accessibility always gets forgotten, but with more and more laws being passed, it can be a good skill to have.


Web Accessibility Board

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