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Does anyone know how to change 'Bluefish Editor' file associations? Basically, it has taken over my existing notepad and other text files.

I unchecked all file associations during the installation process. I am looking into it but haven't found any fix yet.

Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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Besides uninstalling the piece of crap you can right click a text file and click Open With then click Choose Default Program... and find Notepad and make sure you have the box checked to make notepad the default.


Thanks, uninstalled and stuck with DW. I may run it on a PC that I don't use for much.

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caisses enregistreuses


Bluefish 2.2.2 is largely a bug fix release with some very minor new features. A regression in the search functionality was fixed, that caused a segfault if a document with search results was closed. Multiple replace with search results directly next to each other corrupting the text was also fixed. The broken cursor positioning that ruined the Zencoding plugin was also fixed. On the multiplatform front: on Windows handling of the profile directory with non-ascii characters was fixed and on MacOSX image browsing in the image dialog was fixed. Two GTK-3 related bugs where fixed: the CSS dialog was unusable on GTK-3 and the right margin indicator was positioned wrong. Next to the major fixes several small memory leaks where fixed. Next to the bug fixes some small improvements where made. Startup is slightly faster using more threads during startup and improving the document recovery. The annoying scrolling of the side bar filebrowser in 'treeview' mode was fixed, descriptions of language options where fixed, and some menu strings, some HTML5 options where improved, accelerators and shortcut keys got improved and translations got better. The new features: duplicate line and delete line, and the Catalan translation.

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