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Funny IE8 behaviour

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i was asked to fix an IE8 problem with this page.


it might be easier to explain if you view the page in IE9 or FF to see a comparable.


basically the carousel extends its list items during page load thereby stretching the div it resides in. the issue is this div does not return to its natural state when all page elements are loaded.


evidently by clicking on one of the tabs (specs or jargon) the bug is reset and u can see how the page is supposed to look once loaded.


anyone know why it does this, and even better if there is a workaround?


many thank guys

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I suggest you start off by validating the CSS and HTML on the site and see if resolving the errors will fix some of your problems. There are a bunch of CSS errors on your site. Hope this helps.



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You might try adding a set width and overflow:hidden to the container that holds the carousel? (I think either .img-frame or #img-gallery.)


But as linton said above, double check for any easily fixable CSS errors first. Most of the errors seem related to CSS3 issues, and aren't really "errors" though.

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