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Hello All... Need help in html learning process


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Hello All...


I just started learning HTML and found killersites videos and they are really good. :clap:

I am planning to follow the roadmap provided in killersites to learn html.


But have a quick question.

Is it ok if i read html related books and perform the exercises provided in them or do i have to follow different way.

Or is there any online sites where i can check my skill level while learning.



@ Admins: I searched for an self intro section, couldn't find any. If i'm posting in wrong section. Please notify me and I will start the topic in right place. :)

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When you have coded a page, check it in these places:-

HTML markup http://validator.w3.org/

CSS code http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/

Outline http://gsnedders.html5.org/outliner/


Remember that books may be out of date, look for a revision date if you can find one.

Online tutorials may also be out of date, so look at several and try to make up your mind which is most up to date.

When you have a specific coding problem, or validation errors you con't cure, post a question on a forum like this.

Start with a simple page and just practise making it more complicated.

Good luck.

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LOL - Nope, beginners seems like the right place for such a question to me.


As usual I agree with Wickham, after I graduated web design school I saw a book about this new "(X)HTML" we had not learned, it was about the only book at the time (2000) available in Germany and I bought it. It explained that XHTML was the new HTML, replacing it, and that it was HTML made to look like XML.


Now I know that XHTML and HTML are two different animals with two different jobs and are two different standards, XHTML was never meant to replace HTML. Also XHTML is XML made to look like HTML to make it easier to blend the two.


So books can become outdated or be flat out wrong as the above example. But once printed that is that, at best all they can do is add a URL on back for "Updates." A web site however can be modified on the fly if the goof up as the book did. Also in forums you have self rating, if someone says something wrong, they will be corrected, so you can be more sure of having good data.

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