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  1. Thank you Wickham and Kyle... Definitely will follow the inputs... Right now i'm developing in local based on the exercises provided in the book provided.
  2. Hello All... I just started learning HTML and found killersites videos and they are really good. I am planning to follow the roadmap provided in killersites to learn html. But have a quick question. Is it ok if i read html related books and perform the exercises provided in them or do i have to follow different way. Or is there any online sites where i can check my skill level while learning. @ Admins: I searched for an self intro section, couldn't find any. If i'm posting in wrong section. Please notify me and I will start the topic in right place.
  3. Hello... This is John...

    A newbie to html and also for programming...

    Excited to learn with the communities help...

  4. Thanks for the informative video... The wooden background is nice... I found killersites through youtube videos... Just started learning html... excited to learn and interact with the community...
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