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Advice re folder structure for multiple galleries within html


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I am about to start adding images to my gallery pages and wanted advice as to how best structure the folders within html.


I already have an 'images' folder and, from what I've read, it's probably best to have all my images in one folder. Do others agree?


I was then going put the images for each gallery within a sub folder, ie

myWebsite > images > gallery1 (gallery2, gallery3 etc). Does that sound ok, or would I better having the galleries directly under the site folder, ie:

myWebsite > gallery1 (gallery2, gallery3 etc).


I'm not sure what the implications are for the website in terms of speed of loading etc dependent on where the images are stored.


Any help of advice would be really appreciated.


Many thanks.

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I am new to all this myself and I am trying to do something similar. I don't know the kind of images you want to put up but you can try 'Adobe Bridge' in Photoshop.

You can create different galleries and then embed each gallery in its own 'div box', change pictures etc and save it without any problems. I have tried this on my practice site, http://www.lookupyoursite.com/web2/fall-breads.html

I also found something pertaining to images here (yet to try anything from that page), http://www.squidoo.com/graphics-layout.

I will like to be able to put up images side by side without 'breaking my page/layout' but it is all a working progress.

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Hi linton, thanks for getting back to me, and for the links etc. Interesting idea re Adobe Bridge. I'll try it out.


I posted the question on another web design forum and was advised to do whatever made sense to you, providing you weren't going to end up with a massive site.


I've found some really useful stuff on youtube re layouts and stuff. Check out this guy: http://www.youtube.com/user/createthenet. Some of his projects look at image galleries and such like.


Good luck with your site!

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