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Age of the Video Tutorials - outdated?


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I am a recent purchaser of the "Complete Web Designer" video course. So far, I have learned a ton about html and css, and I'm excited to continue taking the course. However, I'm a bit discouraged that the videos are so old. On the most recent video I watched, I saw dates on Stefan's screen that were current with the recording of the videos. The dates were from 2004. He was using Windows XP and talking about the Netscape browser... My question is this -- if I'm using the techniques that Stefan is teaching in these videos, are my techniques going to be over 7 years old? I would love to know that the information I'm learning is current and up-to-par with today's web designers. I'm hoping there's someone out there who can give me some perspective on my concerns.

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Guest slobru

Both HTML and CSS have not changed much since 2004.


Since this is a beginner course, Stefan is teaching the basics of HTML and CSS. Like Eddie says above, the basic fundamentals of web coding are the most important.


Stefan has also posted an update which you can watch here:



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