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404 page not found.


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Hey again all, im having a 'mare today argggg! :blink: You know a day where you just want to get on but everything decides to act up :)


Im adding new pages to my wordpress site I am building on WAMP yet the all display the 404 not found message when I try to view them.


I have changed the permalinks but I did this prior to putting any new pages or posts in there. So im not sure if its this but thought it worth a mention.


Any ideas anyone? Greatly appreciated as always.

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If this helps any, Wordpress has assigned the following link to my new page


Permalink: localhost/mene/wordpress/blog-news/


But when I go there I get


Not Found


The requested URL /mene/wordpress/blog-news/ was not found on this server.



Been on with this for hours now. Not sure what else to try.






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I haven't used Wamp in 2 years but if I remember correctly I don't think you can use permalinks. However, I did not dig down deep to see if I could overcome this and I used an older version of Wamp.


Ben might know but if not this would be a question to post on the Wamp forum. Not sure if WP forum will help but it can't hurt to ask.

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