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Hi all friends,


I am new member in this forum. I couldn't get any introduction thread so I decided to introduce myself here. My name is James Spader. I am very glad to find a good community Forum site. Recently join here to discuss it's all categories. I joined in this group learned so much. I like to cultivate myself and Gain some knowledge. I hope all friends will corporate with me in this community.


I am looking for your reply.


Best Regards. James Spader




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Welcome James!


If you are serious about developing yourself into a web designer, you have indeed come to the right place!


I can not call myself anything close to "an expert", but everything I have learned as a web designer, so far, has been gleaned from here.


Listen, learn, make mistakes and get the corrections from here!


Best of luck!



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I hate to break the bad news, but JamesSpader hasn't been to the forum since November 18th last year, when he signed up and left his one and only message.


Oh, and TomCruise- welcome by the way - but let's stick to webdesign et al. and leave the protein powder for a health forum or something, ok?

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