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To include styling for smart phones?


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The site I'm to build needs to scale well on smart phones as well as computer screens. I need to detect that the incoming request is from a phone and then somehow deliver the stylesheet for the smaller screen. I'm using XHTML, CSS and PHP to build the site. Mark

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Here's one solution:-



Opera has a feature in "View, Fit to Width" which simulates display on a small screen device like a mobile phone when you reduce the browser window width.


What happens is that drop down menus or flyout menus, tables and the like are converted to a vertical list so that a user only has to scroll up and down rather than sideways as well, although he may hve to use the zoom (Opera provides it at the bottom of the simulation window) to get the best display. Tables are shown with each cell in a row below the previous cell instead of across the row.

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LSW, you make a good point and I'll most likely add a link to the full site.


Wickman, Thanks for the link, I have some reading to do and I'll get back with you.

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