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  1. After further review, I realize that I needed to upload the code to a live server before the button from the posted code came to life. I was just viewing the page on my computer within FF. addthis seems to be a pretty nice "sharing platform". I just need to figure out how to float the divs and then I'm good to go. Ben, thanks for your reply.
  2. Is there a good resource to where I could just copy/paste some code into a webpage that would have several links to the main social networks that's up to date that I might understand - JS isn't my cup of tea. I have some code a customer sent me that they found and ask me to include it into their site. I have no idea if it's up to date. The code comes from addthis-dot-com and it seems to work, but I have no idea on how to style it and it may be outdated as far as I know. Can someone please explain to me the best practices when adding links to social networks. Thanks <!-- *
  3. LSW, you make a good point and I'll most likely add a link to the full site. Wickman, Thanks for the link, I have some reading to do and I'll get back with you.
  4. The site I'm to build needs to scale well on smart phones as well as computer screens. I need to detect that the incoming request is from a phone and then somehow deliver the stylesheet for the smaller screen. I'm using XHTML, CSS and PHP to build the site. Mark
  5. This is nice. Is it written in JavaScript? It looks like it changes the whole page even though it's contained within a division. I wonder if you can set it up only to affect certain divisions or classes on the page? If so, it would work well for walc application.
  6. Pretty cool Eric. I do not know JavaScript, but understand the premise. I'm hitting the books again, so to speak and tiring to understand how this will solve walc's problem of needing different languages on the same page. Could you please explain in more detail how this would work in his situation. I see that you have displayed both English and Spanish switching the style sheets, but both pages are using the utf-8 charset. Wouldn't you need to change the charset for each language along with a different style sheet, since the utf-8 is not working for him in his country? Is the utf-8 char
  7. Okay, I believe you. But what do you mean by text coding?
  8. You may want to use the latest code I used to where you transfer form data into a variable. The next step for you would be to validate the form data using the variables, so it's a good habit for you to get into and It's just cleaner. $headers = "Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\n". "\r\n" ; $headers = 'From: vinyl2006@seznam.cz' . "\r\n" ; // could be a different address from the one I'm using here. $headers = 'Bcc: vinyl2006@seznam.cz'; // this would be your permanent email address. $to = $_POST['field_2']; // captured from the form. $subject = 'formular - vinyly.ic.cz'; $u
  9. I believe you need the return and newline character sequence after each header except for maybe the last one. I also think a From Header is required in the mail function, which could be different than the Bcc address. If you have a line over 70 characters long you need to clean it up a bit like I did below. If the message is just a general message and does not need much layout, you could use the wordwrap () function. Keep in mind, I'm learning myself, so take this for what it worth. $headers = "Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\n". "\r\n" ; $headers = 'From: vinyl2006@seznam.c
  10. $headers = "Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\n". "\r\n" ; // not sure you need this header. $headers = 'Bcc: vinyl2006@seznam.cz'; // this would be your permanent email address. $to = $_POST['field_2']; // captured from the form. $subject = 'formular - vinyly.ic.cz'; $message = "Form data: username: " . $_POST['field_1'] . " Email: " . ((($to))) . " Telefon: " . $_POST['field_3'] . " Zem?: " . $_POST['field_4'] . " Zpr?va: " . $_POST['field_5'] . " Jak? je rok?; mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers); Not quite sure what your asking, but you might try changing to the (((c
  11. You might try using the bcc to send the second email to the fixed location and also use some variables to store some info. Something like this. $headers = "Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\n". "\r\n" ; // not sure you need this header. $headers = 'Bcc: vinyl2006@seznam.cz'; // this would be your permanent email address. $to = $_POST['field_2']; // captured from the form. $subject = 'formular - vinyly.ic.cz'; $message = "Form data: username: " . $_POST['field_1'] . " Email: " . $_POST['field_2'] . " Telefon: " . $_POST['field_3'] . " Zem?: " . $_POST['field_4'] . " Zpr?va: "
  12. I'm just learning myself, but shouldn't... 'field' in the $_POST['field'] be... 'field_2' I'm sure others can give you better advice, good luck.
  13. Sorry, I just re-read this. Do you recommend a particular software?
  14. I volunteer to help a local DAR Chapter with their website and I received the following from an administrator. I contacted Apple's technical support and they claim no security software is necessary. I do update my operation system when Apple sends me a notice. So what do you recommend I do?
  15. What software would you recommend to use with a Mac to protect against virus? and/or malware? I use VMware Fusion to view my work on IE, if that makes a difference. I've never had a problem, but just need to make sure I don't at this point. I'm starting to do a little work for others and want to make sure I don't infect someones server. Thanks, Mark
  16. I understand double quotes needed to be parsed, but what confused me is that you don't need the double quotes in... name='email$i'. Now when capturing the value, I did need the double quotes. Somewhat confusing to me, but I'm slowly getting there. I have read about this somewhere and I can see to where this could be used as you showed; I like it, but forget what it's called.
  17. Being new to coding in general, and starting to study again after several months off, this one stumped me for sure. Thank you krillz! I did not realize that you could add a variable to a string like you did. e.g., (name='email$i'). Now I need to add a bit more to this so that I can send emails and echo a list back. Thanks again, I'm sure I will need more assistance soon.
  18. Complete the form to send invitations. Type an email address for each invitation to send. Email <?php /* === this is where I'm lost. I can not capture the email values from the form, whether to later.... echo or send mail. === */ if (isset($_GET['submit'])){ for ($n=1; $n<=10; $n++){ $email=$_GET['email']; echo "$email. $n". ' '; } } ?>
  19. dms

    repetitive form fields

    <?php $senders_email = $_GET['senders_email']; $email=''; $n=''; if (!isset($_GET['submit'])) { $output_form = true; } /* .....................................................................FORM STARTS HERE */ if ($output_form = true){ ?> PartyTime.... Complete the form to send invitations. My email address: Type a name and email for each invitation to send. Email <?php } /* ......................................................................................FORM ENDS */ ?><?php /* === this is where I'm lost. I can not capture the values, whether to echo or m
  20. dms

    repetitive form fields

    I'm having trouble capturing the values from a form. I need to both; echo and send emails.
  21. No java script in use. I've been wondering about the "id" attribute. Thanks! Whether to use "id" or "name" has been confusing to me. Most books use "name", but one HTML book I've read suggest using "id" due to the "name" attribute being deprecated.
  22. I do have a for loop, if it's correct. Thanks for the heads up using single quotes. Everything I've read has used double quotes for some reason. Don't I need double quotes, where there is a Variable or Array involved? Let me try again. <?php // to be used in the for-loop below. $invite_tr = " \" id='whole_name' /> \" id='email_list' /> "; // display the number of input rows for invites. for ( $c=0, $c<$n, $c++) { echo $invite_tr; } ?>
  23. I'm wanting to create a form with several rows to send out invitations. e.g. Name: "value" Email: "value" Name: "value" Email: "value" Name: "value" Email: "value" How would I code this to place the form values into an array? Would something like this work? <?php " ";?> Would simply placing brackets after the value variable, create an indexed array? e.g.... $whole_name[]
  24. I'm simply looking to generates a sitemap of a current site for now. It worked great, much easier that hand coding the xml by hand. I'm just now getting familiar with SEO, so this tool is very useful and it's free. Thanks
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