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Hi All


Im going to start this course in Web Design in October i was wondering if you guys could take a look and advise if it looks ok and if it covers all the basic or is there anything else i should be looking to be added to any course??

I work so part-time courses are my only option.




Thanks in advance for your help.



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It sounds like it's covering the very basics that you could have picked up for free (or much, much cheaper) in online tutorials.

I have been using the ones on here for the last few days and trying to make sense of it so far so good as you can see from my other post i stuck on the CSS file linked to the HTML and cant seem to change it....what would you recommend for me to do, it is an area in which id like to look for employment so i thought a class based course with something at the end would improve my chances they have an advanced one which i was going to do after that one but any help or advice you could give me would be very welcome.





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I wouldn't do web design courses, the online community can teach you everything you need to know, and a hell of alot more.

Tutorials give you practical examples, as well as teach you good practices and teach you to code how you want to code.


I've had experience with people trying to teach where they try and pass on there nasty coding habits onto others.


It takes time, patience, interest and dedication to learn, and can take a while to start developing efficiently, so I'd say, the online community has more advantages then being taught by someone else for a ridiculous amount of money.

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