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I'm a beginner to web design and this seems like a great forum. I hope my first question is ok:


I have a website up on one domain but I want to move it to another domain, my question is, should I start the site over again at the new domain or can I just point the new domain to my old site?


Where I am confused is if I point newdomain.com to oldsite.com, then will the site visitor see 'oldsite.com' in the browser or will they see 'newdomain.com' in the browser?

This site hosts a lot of photographs and each one is linked to a folder on the server. I originally thought I could just point the new domain to the old site but now I'm imagining I might have to manually re-link every photograph to the folder on the server at the new domain.


I hope I'm making sense. I don't mind that both domains point to the same site, but I would prefer that visitors to the site are seeing the new domain in the browser, rather than the old domain, because the new domain is more relevant to the content.


thanks for your help,



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You should be able to "park" the new domain on top of the existing site.


Whether they see the old domain name in the Address bar will depend on how the page links are created. If the links are 'hard-coded', (like href=h t t p://domain.com/folder/page.html), then they will see the old domain name.

If they are referenced relatively, (like href= ./folder/page.html), *I believe* the new domain will show.

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It depends on the host really. Last time I switched My host (kuala-hosting.com) simply moved my entire site to their servers. If you have a copy or you can run a backup to the site and upload that yourself to the new host. You will also have to enter your domain name provider to point your domain to the new hosts servers. Again they may be able to do that for you, or you can do it yourself and your new host will give you the info. It can take up to 72 hours before the net starts pointing to the new servers so you want your old site up through that time. Mine usually did not take that long.

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