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Local hosting help for first wordpress site

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I am creating my first site with wordpress and looking for the best way to work on the site without constantly uploading to FTP and making it live. I use media temple for my hosting, so I don't know if I could create something through there or if MAMP is the best option. I want to figure this out on the first go so I have an easy way to share with clients in the future before I make the site live. Any help with this is greatly appreciated!





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Just a little tip. When you hand the site over to the client and show them how to make changes leave yourself as the admin and give them give them control under another name also keep a backup copy of what you gave them. They will make mistakes and call you to fix them. Not a bad thing if have a back up more cash but with out the backup more time less cash.

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MAMP is the best option! I think it's better to upload finished site to FTP because Google can index your unfinished site and it will be bad for future ranking.

You can set a ftp login for the domain so that when you browse to the url via the browser it will pop up a window requesting your login credentials. Since Google (and other search engine robots) does not have the login info it cannot index the site.


Here a site url as an example: www.as pensystemsd irect.com (remove two spaces)

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Eddie, would you care to explain a little more how that is done. I have a client who wants his site temporarily removed from public and SE view and access, but I need to be able to work on it and show him what's going on.


My solution was to put a landing page as the hierarchy is http://sitename.com/default.htm or html and then move the whole site to a different folder (with a robots.txt file) but I'm concerned that might mess up the link to the database.. Your solution seems a little easier.

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The host provider can vary but in a nutshell it should be something that has to do with passwording a folder in which case you would list the root url folder. Just go to your hosting control panel and look around for something like that. If you can't figure it out then submit a support ticket asking how.


Keep in mind that if you are using .htaccess file you will need to rename/remove it or else it may not work.


With that said, you could use .htaccess to block users from certain folders as well. I don't have the logic but it only requires just a few lines to make it work. Google it.

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