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  1. Real experts will never say that your site will be number 1 in Google.
  2. I think it's best not to redirect. Sometimes it's misleading. If you immediately see a 404 error then you go on, you see that the page does not exist. But if you redirected, you trying to get to that page again and again.
  3. ericlenhard


    Thanks for posting! Good job!
  4. MAMP is the best option! I think it's better to upload finished site to FTP because Google can index your unfinished site and it will be bad for future ranking.
  5. No, I'm just a designer, I don't know html\css stuff.
  6. I would say "Buddy you need to practice your skills" I advise you not to use the stretched images.
  7. As for me, I think that Mac OS much more stable than Windows. And another advantage of Mac OS - no viruses.
  8. I would recommend you Dreamweaver or CofeeCup software.
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