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Can you tell when a Search Engine has crawled?


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I don't know the answer right off hand, but I suggest signing up for Google Analytics and installing that on your site. That way you'll see what visitors are doing, how they found you, what system/browser/resolution/etc. they're using, and more.

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Is there a way of telling that your new site has been visited by the various search engines?


If you use Cpanel go to Awstats. You should see all your site statistics, including when the last robot/spider visited.

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You usually add your website to "Google Webmaster Tools" ... http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools


Add your site, use one of the verification methods (meta tag, upload a file with specific name etc), and submit your XML sitemap. Then you can set how often google should crawl your site, see how many visitor's you're getting, and see which people clicked on your website from searching which term etc... Basically the title says it.

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It's my understanding that the surest way to know if a search engine has indexed your web page is to go to that particular search engine and insert "site:yourname.com".


The search engine will then list all the pages it has indexed for that particularly domain.


Remember www.yourname.com is different than yourname.com as far as search engines are concerned; so you must check both.


Hope this helps.

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