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Hello to the forum.


I recently started to play with drupal 7. As far as i can see it has it's own perspective in many things about how to manipulate content. It seems very solid software and by far better core code structure than its competitor Joomla although it follows procedural architecture.


Has anyone here works with drupal 7 or drupal 6? What's your opinion about this software??

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I was really impressed with Drupal 6. I made one website with it so far, working on second and third at the moment (2 websites running off 1 core drupal). It's very modular, (very!) highly customizable, and it's module API is very very nice. Once you set it up and have it working, it runs like a charm. Although at first when you install it it may seem sluggish, once you go live and enable all the performance modules it's blazing fast.

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Cool BeeDev. Can u show us the site you build with drupal 6? Actually i am now in search to find some tutorial about how to build custom themes.


Do you suggest any quality video tutorials about that or how to build modules?



Drupal has some learning curve at first but after that you can make cool stuff with it

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Huge learning curve with Drupal, but it is well worth it in the end. Lots of good support on the Drupal site and others if you use google to search things out. Plenty of video tutorials out there as well. The only downside is the lack of documentation with some modules, things move fast and they don't get updated.

I started with Drupal 6 and haven't moved on yet. You also need to make sure your version of php5 is the correct one they recommend 5.3 but no lower than 5.2.5. Some hosts may not have updated their version of php, you need to check.

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I occasionally have to update a Drupal built site, using the CMS which the client does not know how or want to use. Not surprising, I have to call the Drupal programmers regularly because even I have a hard time using the CMS. Now that's daft, talk about a learning curve, it should be easy for the client.

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As far i can see Drupal 7 got a lot of improvements about its UI. It has some learning curve but it worth it. You learn its API which is very good documented. Drupal is mor suitable for developers. For that reason it has more sophisticated programming architecture and it is more secure.

For example if you use the Form API to create your own custom forms for some module or something ,drupal automatically supplies you with


1. php and javascript validation


3. clean code


and more.


I've found some video tutorials at lynda.com and at lullabot.com but they are not for free.

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Well I don't think you should use Drupal 7 yet, but it's up to you. I'd use D6 to start with :)


Big thing for beginners to learn is how to use 2 modules, that really should be in core of Drupal 6:

Views (http://drupal.org/project/views)

CCK (Content Creation Kit) (http://drupal.org/project/cck)


"Views" is basically creating custom front-end pages, from any content-type or combination of them, and you can save the results as a page/feed/block/xml etc... and even link to it from the menu. For example all these author and book pages are done with Views module:




CCK is admin area module, basically lets you create custom fields and attach them to a content-type.

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I'm not going to use drupal for a project yet since i am still learning it. I need 3-4 months i guess to learn things like how to create modules and stuff. I don't want to use any cms without knowing how to extend it and being comfortable with it.


These are some modules that I think is necessary for every drupal site




















CCK and DATE and IMAGE modules are now in core in drupal 7


Any add from you BeeDev?

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essential modules are dependant on your site for my Drupal site www.holytrinity-madeira.org I use the following





chaos tools

custom search


image cache



contact forms

nice menus



read more link

site map

site verification


google analytics

XML sitemap

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