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  1. Hi guys thanks for all your help, the 500 error occurs when there is a fatal error in the PHP, the server stops reading the code. To figure that out you can go to the error logs in the cpanel with your hosting provider. Like firebug but for php....... Anyway that's what I learnt yesterday:))))) Ant
  2. Code attached........ register1.php
  3. antpower26

    PHP Validation

    Hi any PHP experts would like to take a look at my code and figure out how I can get the PHP to output the error messages, on a user attempt to submit the form. Also should I assign variables to the print statements, so I can then embed them in HTML, and consequently stylize and position the error messages with CSS. Code attached You can view it here also : http://www.cambrianvacation.co.uk/vpc/register1.php The JS validation is all fine, so maybe turn JS off. Ant
  4. Hi, I've studied PHP and am now building a project with a mySql database, PHP, SQL, PDo, Ajax etc....... This is a really basic and practical question, I have PHP code in my registration form page, firstly this page was HTML, but since adding the PHP for the form validation, I've figured out that the best idea is to change the filetype to .php, I'm not sure whether it is a good idea to embed php in a .html file? However sending all this across to the server when I type in the url on the testdomain I get a 500 error. So what are the best practices, if I want to have php and html co exist, say for form validation, or dynamically changing the html based on something changing in the database and outputting that. Should the whole site be .php, or can you have some html pages linking together with .php that also outputs html. If all pages are .php, because the whole site is working with the server side, is there some configuration setting (ht access?) that needs to be changed in order for the browser to render the html, and consequently the css, jQuery etc........ I know PHP the language well, and I can write programs with it, its just getting all of it working in a browser application:))))))) Thanks Ant
  5. Hi, I had a chat with my client today, and my SEO on her site is pretty good, however she uses an Android phone from T-Mobile, and the search bar, there is something called Google Custom Search, her website doesn't appear on this form of search engine, although if you search from a different toolbar on the phone it comes up just fine. Does anybody know anything about Google Custom Search, why it exists, and how do I get the website to appear there, I have submitted everything, asked google to crawl, implemented webmaster tools and google analytics, and I've got good results, so why am I not appearing in this mobile search engine. All help appreciated Ant
  6. Hi, I'm building a site and using image replacement, for the navigation, as opposed to using some CSS. In the sites current condition, the image replaces the original image using onmouseover and onmouseout events to create the hover. On the page that that website is on There is no onmouseout, so once hovered the image replacement sticks. However I don't think this is robust enough, as the hover states done with these events, won't naturally activate when that page is active, if the mouse doesn't hover. Does anyone have any better ideas? I'm definately sticking with replacement images, is there are a good JavaScript program, that can activate the image replacement on hover and on active. Thanks Ant Ps Merry Xmas
  7. Yeah it's fine in iOS but actually the problem is there is android. I have a htc desire to test with running 2.2 and when I pinch zoom with this the user experience isn't that great Also in comparison to the iPod experience Androids webkit seems to render the site smaller, for example the homepage looks good with iOS but looks odd with Android, is there any way you can change the viewport for the android to render the site bigger, and is there any way to solve the said problem of pinch zoom non static background with Android. Thanks Ant
  8. Thanks Ben through your link I came across this jQuery hack : //stick the footer at the bottom of the page if we're on an iPad/iPhone due to viewport/page bugs in mobile webkit if(navigator.platform == 'iPad' || navigator.platform == 'iPhone' || navigator.platform == 'iPod') { $("#footer").css("position", "static"); }; Seemed to do the trick:))) I just changed #footer to body. Ant
  9. Hi, I am currently developing a site for a client, and testing on the Ipod touch, a problem I am having is with the pinch zoom capability. The content on the mobile is too small to read when the site loads, so when I pinch zoom to test the legibilty of the content the background image, doesn't stay constant and the content is unreadable. Here is my code for the body selector in the css : body { background-image: url("images/background.jpg"); background-position:center; background-attachment:fixed; background-size:100% 100%; background-repeat:no-repeat; margin-bottom:500px; } Is there some code which can fix this problem and keep the background more fixed when the pinch zoom is being used. Here is the url of the test site if anyone is kind enough to take a look: http://www.cambrianvacation.co.uk/rosettafire Thanks:) Ant
  10. Hi If anyone could take a look at my test site http://www.cambrianvacation.co.uk/rosettafire and go to the gallery page. I have built a jqquery fade for the content wrapper as you can see on the other pages on this particular page I have just implemented a jquery gallery fade in, fade out, both are contained in divs, however the slideshow div is collapsing, and not filling out the content div, as normal content would, like on the other pages. How do I get the jquery gallery to not collapse and work with the content div. I wrote the content jquery fade myself, but the gallery fade I copy and pasted from a tutorial. I haven't learnt Javascript fully yet, so don't fully understand the syntax this might be my problem. Thanks Ant
  11. Hi all Im in the process of building a band website, and one of the pages is entirely audio, I have 5 tracks all of which are mp3, this works in IE9, chrome and safari. I have made copies of the tracks, and want to change the mime type to wav, so firefox and opera users can also listen, does anybody know how I can change the mime type in windows 7. Also for non html5 enabled browsers nobody can listen so as a fallback I'm planning to put a link to the bands myspace page and also suggest politely to users that they might want to update their browsers to say google chrome, so they don't have to go the myspace page. Does anyone have experience of using html5 audio and have any better ideas? and how to change the mime type from mp3 to wav? Thanks Ant
  12. Thanks Ben that works great:)
  13. Hi I am just coding in jquery for the first time :script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#appearingduo").fadeIn('slow', function () { // fade has finished }); }); </script> </head> The syntax is a little confusing, for that reason. on my current build I am trying to fade in an image, it is working, but I would like the fade in to slow down to say around 2 seconds, I am having trouble making this happen, please help:)))) Ant
  14. Thanks very much, I really appreciate you taking the time to have a look, and make comments.
  15. Ok the website has been launched, cambrianvacation.co.uk however it is not finished:) I've been making it responsive and have just finished the mobile version and will launch again. However the problem is the same I used negative margins here, and a developer friend of mine said he couldn't see the nav/menu at all, on firefox 3.6, maybe on Ubuntu. It was ok on Windows7. Yet there seems to be that the content div is overlapping the header div, and I have no idea how to fix it. When I create the menu, it needs margin-top:-#; to appear. However to make this work everywhere isn't the right solution. If you look at the css source code you'll see for .Home there are negative margins and so on. To stop the menu from dissaperaing beneath the content div. Thanks for your help. Ant:)
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