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plz review my website.

Guest assak

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When I first went to the site, all I saw was upper portion (to include the 1, 2, 3) the rest did not pot up until several moments later.


"Already Student login here" sounds odd - maybe registered students, existing students, or already registered might sound better.


Briefly reading, I have one thought: "keyword stuffing". - and How can your diploma be better than an online GED, which you just said doesn't even exist? makes no sense.


Overall, the site looks very commercial and canned and I'd opt for a darker shade of gray or even black for the text to make it a bit easier to read.


Meta name="robots' covers all of them - seems redundant to list them separately as well. - Let me guess, there's been some paid SEO firm involved? (I wonder if posting links to the site on random forums is part of the SEO strategy that's applied here...)


Tables are meant to be used to display tabular data; they are not a layout tool - and this side is made entirely out of tables and deprecated tags and inline styling. Not exactly good, modern, efficient webdesign.

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Guest Anna Hussie

san dfordh ighshool.com [remove spaces]


I would give you suggestions according to SEO perspectives.I think you should not use the keywords like this online diploma because the traffic you will get will not be the exact traffic for the specific diploma which you are offering.SO Try to have keywords very relevant to your diplomas.

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Overall, the site looks very commercial and canned


It looks like one of those websites that goes on and on forever, not very exciting to look at or read.


Graphically it is completely misaligned.

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I think the site has potential, but as everyone else has said, it needs a little work. Personally, I don't like all the text as it is on the home page. I like home pages that are more bullet point orientated and then if you want more specific info on a certain section or topic, you click the relevant section.


As it is, the site seems a bit disjointed.

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