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White space in PHP includes. Formatting question?

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Trying to make my client side "view source" look nice and formated just as my code view does in my DW. I've figured one way but just seeing if I'm missing something. So currently the include (the code in the HTML page) is tabbed in 3 tabs spaces. When source is viewed, the first line of the include takes on the tabs of the include but the next lines need to be tabbed 3 times to be the same. In other words, currently the first line of each include is not tabbed but all the rest need to be tabbed to match up. Is this the behavior you have found to be true? Or is there some other trick? Or have you never even bothered so you have no idea? Or is my explanation tardo? Thanks!

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You need an editor that will allow you to edit the invisible characters in your php pages - or any document for that matter. I am not sure if Dreamweaver's text editor can be set to display hidden characters - I would suggest checking the options.


... You might want to try something like Netbeans. Thought Dreamweaver's code view is pretty good, it doesn't have all the power of a dedicated IDE.



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