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Do you know of a better way?

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URL: http://tinyurl.com/38p4btb


I'm looking for a way to have the sold sign be on the left of the screen, but I don't think what I have is going to work. Can you guys help me figure out a better way?


One thought I have is to decrease the width of the content container, but I really don't want to do that if possible.

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You need to have that 'Sold' sign as its own image and apply it to the wrap div by adding a another div containing the image. You can then use position absolute to get the sign over to the left something like top: 0; left: -150px; I don't think it will stay fixed at the top of the browser's window though.


The other option is to apply the main background image to the html and use the body tag for the 'sign'.

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Correct, I'm talking about the sign that is part of the background image. I want it to appear on the left side of the content area. It looks great on my computer, but I'm concerned about smaller monitors. He wants to keep the sign as is because it's what he has used on all his literature. And eventually, there will be a logo where his name currently shows.


Eddie, I'm curious about why you suggest making the sign a separate image. Because if someone has a smaller screen, won't it show on top of the content area since there isn't room on the side?


I'm probably making this more difficult than it needs to be. I'm really good at doing that. B)

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I think Susie is talking about the "Sold" sign which is part of the site's background image.



Believe or not, I never saw the Sold sign at all!! It;s 4000*481px. My screen resolution is 1024*768 and I only see a pale blue background with the grass at the bottom.


That shows why I and Eddie think it should be a separate image which you can position releative to teh content in any resolution.

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Can I ask a stupid question? :) Would I need to reduce the content width to make that work? 800 pixels wide is not going to work.

I can't see how otherwise. Unless it is placed relative to the content column, so that users with small (1024x768) resolution won't be able to see it, but users with wider resolutions can?

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Unless you can narrow the overall width, I don't see how your can get the sign to appear to the left and yet keep the current layout.


Users with 1024 will not see it as it is now. So what gives? Do what I suggest and it will work for users with resolutions greater than 1024. All other users will just not see it.


It's possible to have the layout set with a minimum width of 800px and have a container set at 100%. Apply the sign image to the container in which the container will have a equal left/right padding equal to the width of the image. For those that view it in 1024 they will see a narrow page but for those that have widescreens or higher resolution will see the page wider and yet all will see the sign image.


Otherwise, I would move the text in the header over to the right a bit and put them sign to the left of that.

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