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javascript and email


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On the old forum I was given a link to use javascript as a means of sending email. It works fine, but, after working on an updated site and following the advice to use HTML 4.01 Strict it doesn't validate. I am getting the error message that says end tag for element "FORM" which is not open, but it validated XHTML what is the solution?


I know I still have to use css with the table, this is a works in progress.


ww w.sans souci web design.com/NewHoly/contact_us.php


How do I find the old forums for reference?

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Try this...


    <br />    <!-- <br />    var Domain = "holytrinity-madeira.org";<br />    var Mailme = "mail" + "to:" + "churchwarden@" + Domain;<br />    document.write("<input type=\"submit\" value=\"Email Church Warden\" ");<br />    document.write("onclick=\"parent.location=Mailme\"> ");<br />    // --><br />    


I've just taken out the form tags entirely. Double check, but it seemed to validate for me.

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