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I'm back again


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Sorry about disappearing on you all (over again) but me mum was having all sorts of operations at the hospital, and for months too. Anyway, I just couldn't think straight, and had to make sure I was doing my bit for mum. She's a bit long in the tooth (more than me, really), and I just couldn't be thinking about web page building with her in and out of the intensive care unit (she had a number of operations).


Look at what all that wanting to come back to you the last time did for me. Nothing! Oh well, I mustn't grumble. I still don't remember diddly squat. Never did, come to think about it. Ah, well anyway, there's a lot of learning I need to be catching up on, not least what I knew before. What did I know before? :lol:


So I'm watching all of Stefan's videos in the KillerSites University. At the moment, it's mostly helping me to remember the little things that made me wonder why I used to dip in and out of the learning process. My memory is poor, but that's no excuse to go and skim the whys and how things work, but that's just me, really -- all over. :rolleyes:


Erm, I won't be around as much as I'd like to be - at first. I suppose, it's going to depend on how much time I'm willing to put into this thing.


...And before I forget -- what ever happened to billyboy?

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It shows it when you click directly on the profile - and if I'm right and BillyBoy came over to this forum as Bill, then he was last here September 09 - it's definitely been a while.


Billyboy I miss you!


You were the sternest and most exacting teacher I ever had! (except perhaps LSW. - - - Well all of you!) You scolded me when I needed spanking. You guided me when I was clueless. And I loved your stern avatar.


Hope you are well.




BTW! Welcome back MAC!

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Yeah, I miss bb too, mostly because he had a way about himself that helped me to want to drive myself on to a better understanding of something or other. Mind you, I'd always be physically (and mentally) exhausted after one bout or two in the ring with him. :lol:


He's probably settled down somewhere, and good luck to him, too. I can't be like him, or any of you guys. I wish I could, but there you go, there's always someone or something to aim for. B)

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