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Pixelatelier Web design company - please review

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Hello friends,


I'd like to have some feedback for my new website: pixelatelier


ww w.pixelatelier.com


Pixelatelier is a web and graphic design studio located in Caracas, Venezuela. I designed and programmed it. It's a very simple layout with some JavaScript effects. I tried my best to validate the HTML code. Also, please excuse the English faults, I'm not proficient in that language.


Any critics or suggestions are welcome.


I hope you like it!





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Thank you very much Susie,


Yes, there is plenty of info about fancybox. Maybe I can help you (I'm not an expert though). I'll try to find some tutorials or links for you.






N.B. By the way, your portfolio is awesome!

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Please, it's not a problem at all!


Look here:




In advanced options, the very first row:


type Forces content type. Can be set to 'image', 'ajax', 'iframe', 'swf' or 'inline'


I used iframe. It allows you to display text, links, images, etc.


Look how I did:


<script type="text/javascript">

$(document).ready(function() {





'width' : 900,

'height' : 600,

'autoScale' : false,

'cyclic' : true,

'hideOnContentClick' : false,

'imageScale' : false,

'scrolling' : 'no',

'centerOnScroll' : false,

'padding' : 0,

'showNavArrows' : true,

'hideOnOverlayClick' : false,

'transitionIn' : 'fade',

'transitionOut' : 'fade',

'type' : 'iframe'








Make sure to set 'hideOnContentClick' to false, otherwise you won't be able to click on any links inside the iframe. E.G. an external link to a website.


I hope this helps...





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Looks good! A couple design related comments that may help the site:


-- The footer area (social networking links and contact information) seems a bit off balance. I think that is because the center content fills the full column, but both the left and right columns are light on content. I think switching the middle and right content would help fix this, because there would be more even space (visually) between columns.


-- Maybe the "U" in "About us" should be capitalized? That would make things more consistent.


-- Add some bottom padding on the list items on your Services page? They feel very squished together at the moment. (http://www.pixelatelier.com/services/index.php)


Looks pretty good otherwise. Like Susie said, I like the popup portfolio idea. I'm working on a redesigned portfolio myself, and that was an idea that I had originally planned to do but eventually scrapped since it didn't seem like a good fit for my portfolio pieces.

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