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which is better for me


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Hi all!

i face a problem regarding my os . My pc problem is like that...i bought a computer two month ago to learn about web design and graphic related things . i used xp as my os . one of my friend suggested me to instlle win 7 as os . i did it and instlled again the backup copies of photo shop soft wares . but now maximum of that do not work properly and even some of those are not instlled at all. i am very much worried about it. i can't decide what i should do. however i was fluent in win xp to work with graphics . should i instlle win xp again? is there any benefit to use win 7

instead of win xp?if yes what can i do to work as i did earlier ? which is better for me between win 7 and winxp to work with web design and graphics?my pc stat is as follows:

#motherboard gigabyte G 41M

#Pro intel pen dual core


#Hard disk 320GB

#No extra graphics card

#operating system win 7 (32 bit)

pls friend help me to remove this problem.

Thanks all.


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instlled again the backup copies of photo shop soft wares

This sounds like you installed a backup copy of photoshop that came from XP. Keep in mind that the registry system is going to be a bit differnt between XP and W7.


In order to upgrade to W7 from XP is that you will have to do a complete new install. You cannot upgrade over XP. Either install W7 on a different partition or migrate all your XP files using the Windows Migration Tool, reformat the drive and then install W7. Warning: YOU MUST BACK UP ALL YOUR DATA FILES BEFORE REFORMATING.


If you have W7 running just fine but some of your backed-up programs are not working, it may be because you didn't install software like Photoshop from the original disk. You cannot simply copy over the files from XP to W7.


If by chance you find that Windows 7 is not running properly such as hardware issues, normal windows functionas, etc. then you will want to review this article.

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W7 has excellent support for graphics, it has the directX 10 and you can be sure that working with photoshop and any other designing tools will work like a charm, think twice before you downgrade to winXP. According to your hardware it supports W7 without any problem. Either make a clean install or do as newseed said. On the other hand if you don't like such O.S. there are other alternatives of O.S.

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There as some software built for xp, that doesn't work in windows 7, although you can make them work if you have windows 7 pro or ultimate, just by downloading and installing windows xp mode for your windows 7 installation, and in that way you can run old software or incompatible in windows 7.

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also windows 7 disc, have a built in migration wizard, that can make a backup of your system settings and files to make the process easier. you can run it from the disc, just search for "migwiz" on your disc of windows 7, and just continue the process that will appear on your screen. It's really easy. I have migrated various xp machines to win 7 using migwiz from win7, and it's a piece of cake.

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