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  1. Well thanks a lot for your fast reply, then I'll keep an eye on this !!
  2. Hey Admins, I'm posting this topic on my behalf and the killersites community. I was looking on my profile settings something to lock it and only be view by the killersites community but I couldn't find anything. Am I missing something or this option is no not available yet?
  3. W7 has excellent support for graphics, it has the directX 10 and you can be sure that working with photoshop and any other designing tools will work like a charm, think twice before you downgrade to winXP. According to your hardware it supports W7 without any problem. Either make a clean install or do as newseed said. On the other hand if you don't like such O.S. there are other alternatives of O.S.
  4. I'm totally agree with you, this is why I stick to my idea to create an Admin panel for the user to make changes and to have persistance data.
  5. When you think that you already know a lot just fool around in the forums and you'll see that you only know a drop !!

  6. Wow I'm really impress with this PageLime CMS. As a Web developer I like to create administration panels for the users but this is THE tool for the user you described
  7. I don want to disappoint you but in order to do a site like Pink Cake Box you need a lot to accomplish it You need php to get the gallery running like this and some Javascript and of course HTML and CSS, but this doesn't mean that you can't, of course you can !! but just like falconcreative said, you need to realize your skills in order to give an answer to your client. If you don't have knowledge at all about web design paying those $20 dollars will be a good investment to get involve into this amazing enviroment of web desing.
  8. I read the first article from ALA and it was really interesting but when I was about to read the second article from Hivelogic.com I found that the link was broken, thanks for sharing this Kyle.
  9. I don't have permissions yet, please help me !!

  10. I'm agree with you, is not the software that makes someone good at web design, though it really improve speed in your developing. On the other hand there is the Free Software that you can use to achive your goals.
  11. Those are many fields for a table, unless you extremely need these fields in the table just leave them an check that you are inserting the correct data type. If some of your table fields requires a INT and you are inserting a string that may cause you problems. Otherwise split you table into smallers ones so that you can handle your data easier. And I'm totally agree with Stefan, may be you misspelled you code, check it more than twice.
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