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  1. fahim

    Lamp Stack Developer

    If I wish to be an expert LAMP stack developer, what level of experience should I gain in programming language like php or python and what type of experience would I have to have in mysql, Apache or in Linux platform ? Thanks in advance.
  2. fahim

    Lamp Stack Developer

    If I wish to be an expert LAMP stack developer, what level of experience should I gain in programming language like php or python and what type of experience would I have to have in mysql, Apache or in Linux platform ? Thanks in advance.
  3. fahim

    Json Api Key

    In my web site I want to publish blog post, pictures or latest news etc published in other sites . I think it can be done with Jquery's getJSON and Json API key . So, how can I get json API from another web site or blog ? Is there any process to get it ? or should I follow any other process to do this ? Thanks in advance. Fahim
  4. Recently, I instlled Git in my ubuntu desktop. As a biginner I googled to learn basic tutorial of it. I found lot of biginner tutorial of git including general terms and basic command. But its not clear to me where to write the git commands while working. Is there any default interface or consol type to write the command ? Which way most of the developers use to write in the commands ? Thanking Fahim
  5. Hi, I want to make texts to jump while mouse goes over the text. But it does not work as I wish. Don't know what the problem is in the jquery code ! Here is the fact Need help this regard. thanks.
  6. Just for curiosity, would like to know how the home page of www.maxcdn.com is made ! its so cool to look at ! Will be grateful if some one give the idea about tools and techniques to create it !
  7. fahim

    ternary operator

    Still in confusing. Please would let me know something about the output of the code?
  8. fahim

    ternary operator

    Hi someone asks me the output of the following code when two integer values pass for $m and $n: <?php function run($m, $n) { return ($n == 0) ? $m: run($n, $m % $n); } ?> I am confused about this . So please explain the output for better understanding. Thanks.
  9. AT first you need to create a form with necessary fields. You have to use a server side scripting language like php to process the data entered by someone in the form to send it to an email address. However Javascript is a client side scripting language . It never work as server side activities. php beats cool . lets try once
  10. I am already able to make web application with basic php and trying to grasp OOP in it. I would like to learn about database web application by Mysql along with php. Simply I use phpmyadmin to test my simple application in local server(it is WAMP). But I wish to learn about how professional developers create their database application in web servers generally in their daily job. Which way(phpmyadmin, CLI etc) they use to create their databases? Thanks.
  11. Hi all! I wish to learn mysql database as it is a must to have working knowledge of database in case of database driven web sites. As a beginner everything is a matter of confusion to me. I searched online to know about how to create a database. I saw different ways. But which is the best way to create a Mysql database? What ways(PhpMyadmin, CLI etc) the professional mysql developer naturally use to create databases in their work? Hope to be helped. Thanks in advance.
  12. fahim

    Advance user

    Hi! I practice basic php and I think I am able to make web application with basic php now.I want to go ahead- wish to be advance learner . Want to learn advance php programming. What should I do? How I may go ahead ? From my beginning level I am practicing online free scripts from others and some beginner level ebooks. Which ebook I should follow now? or what are those web sites or resources online that I may be helped from? Hope replays from advance and experts developers. Thanks.
  13. Learnt a lot of things . Thanks....
  14. Hi! I learnt php mysql basics and am able to code php mysql basically. Now I am trying to learn oop php as well as php higher structures. But I feel that I am not able to create web application .I don't know how to learn web application development or how to make a web application with php mysql.I am just having to how to code.I am not getting in its practical usage. Hope I would get helpful suggestion . Thanks in advance . --fahim
  15. Thanks Archadian to replay . I tried Mysql as it is open source . There is an interface to this free RDBMS . But i would like to try sql now as other web programming languages . I cann't decide which interpreter to use . I didn't try it before . So i am in confusion .Still i am in problem . Is it possible to write the code of sql in other interpreter on which we code html , css and php etc ?
  16. Hi! I am trying to learn sql .I am new to this language . I searched a lot of web site providing the free tutorial on sql . But i dont know where i should write the sql command . Is there any specific interpreter for it ? Hoping for kind replays.
  17. I am trying to program with php . Basically i am new here . Sometimes i face problem with a few sign that is totally unknown to me.Now a days the sign '=>' and '->' are new to me . i am confused with the use and the difference between them . i have no prior programming background . so these are new to me . i am asking frankly . as i have to learn them. Hope experts will kindly replay . Thanks . Fahim
  18. In recent time web application development charmed me most . I wanna work as a web app developer . which languages are more popular and powerful for web app dev?is there any certification of it as like 'sun java' for java and 'ZCE' for php? would any one be kind enough to let me know about this? with best regard ---- fahim
  19. Hi shefali congratulation to join here ! you are in right place . serious means nothing . you should learn constantly with patients . be with us and search for thirst . remember never go back for a moment . Hope your good learning . fahim bangladesh
  20. Hi all! i face a problem regarding my os . My pc problem is like that...i bought a computer two month ago to learn about web design and graphic related things . i used xp as my os . one of my friend suggested me to instlle win 7 as os . i did it and instlled again the backup copies of photo shop soft wares . but now maximum of that do not work properly and even some of those are not instlled at all. i am very much worried about it. i can't decide what i should do. however i was fluent in win xp to work with graphics . should i instlle win xp again? is there any benefit to use win 7 instead of win xp?if yes what can i do to work as i did earlier ? which is better for me between win 7 and winxp to work with web design and graphics?my pc stat is as follows: #motherboard gigabyte G 41M #Pro intel pen dual core #RAM 2 GB #Hard disk 320GB #No extra graphics card #operating system win 7 (32 bit) pls friend help me to remove this problem. Thanks all. fahim
  21. Thanks to all for giving me the hearty response.However i heard from many who said there is a good relation between the web design and the graphics . According to their comments ,graphic is a part and parcel 0f the web design. is it true? I know very little about photoshop but it is clear to me that graphic has a huge area.So for better web designing what types of graphic software should i know? waiting for the hearty response. --fahim
  22. Hello! i am trying to learn the different web language like html, css, java script ctc. But the problems is i forget what i learn just after a couple days , specially i forget one which is learnt by me while i learn the new one.Also the sequence of what should i learn one after another is unknown to me . So please direct me to pass the problems .
  23. As a new player in the photoshop field , I faced and still facing various difficulties with it. I searched a lot through the net overcome that , astonished! I got them , but really after losing a good amount of energy . I observed that there are a lot of beginners like me and the problem solvers also, but the beginners have to seek them .so now the thing is , I would like to start a thread for the very beginners who need the primary precaution . we will discuss here the every pin type problems and share our experiences we faced . and we all beginners will try to make correct ourselves , the great designers will , as I hope, suggest us . now think how interesting and helpful that will be !i believe that no one can be great without cooperation . So friends let started and get busy ! --fahim
  24. Thanks to response.I'm very interested in web designing but there are a little source from where i can learn around me, for this i chosen the online to get help. i always asked my near persons who are renowned as web developer, various queries regarding web designing , they answered me "web designing is very difficult ".However i get slow connection in web here, but i'm undermined to be a great web designer . Now i'ld like to ask that is it so difficult to acquire my target that would need 4 to 5 years as people said me? i will be grateful to if any body will share his/her experiences . ----fahim
  25. Hi all! As a new comer and very much fond of web designing, please help me about what i should do to learn this firstly and how ! However i always make dream to be a great web developer. So im very serious about it. can any body help me to make my dream come true ! --fahim
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