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background image slipping in local view but ok in browser


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I've been editing in dreamweaver cs4 and after creating a template to create new pages more quickly I have done quite a bit of redesigning. What seems to happen now is that in dreamweaver local view there is a large amount of white space and the background image looks as if it has slipped down the page. However when I load it in the browser the page appears to be correct. What am I doing wrong? It is so disconcerting seeing it look all wrong when I'm trying to edit it. This only seems to have happened recently - is it using templates or is it the image?

I set the css property for the body as below because otherwise the image repeated in an annoying way. The bamboo image was not my choice but requested by the friend I'm attempting to do the website for.The image is 500kb and 1920x981.

ps what is the significance of line height?



body {

margin: 0;

padding: 0;

font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

font-size: 14px;

line-height: 24px;

color: #000;


background-image: url(images/bamboo.gif);

background-position: center;

background-attachment: fixed;



Many thanks


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Trust your browser, not Dreamweaver's local view. Dreamweaver's view doesn't always show the site accurately.


You may try changing this line: "background-position: center;" to "background-position: top center;" Also, line-height helps determine the spacing between lines of text.


And, at least in my opinion, 500kb for a single image is WAY too much. That's a pretty large file to ask the user to download -- half a MB just for an image. I'd definitely suggest mentioning this to your friend and/or choosing a different image or compressing the image a bit using Photoshop so it isn't as large.

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Like FC said, don't trust DW.


I went through the same thing.


Just make sure it validates and check all the browsers... even thou i make sure it validates and still looks good in the browsers i still get nervous and think someone going to click and the site will come down like a house of cards.





newbies... can ya blame us?

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