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Background image full page?


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Hello, can someone help im trying to get my background image to display the whole length of the page it displays in dreamweaver perfectly but when i go to preview it in the browser it is maybe a 150 to 200 px short and i have made the image bigger and have the image set to no repeat can someone help?









Cody Perry

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If the image does not fit than stretching it will just distort it. But you can fix it by setting the height and width to 100%.


That said, it is a bad idea, Images generally have different colors and different tones throughout, this can make much of the text very hard to read for anyone and more so for those with vision or cognitive disabilities. The only way to combat this is by fading the image at least 90% -95%. It also takes a lot of bandwidth to download and can take a long time to load.


The alternative is a simple tiled background. They load fast, are small, tend to be one general hue and color and therefore easier to read text against. The trick is to find the ones or make your own that are the same on all edges so when they tile you do not see the connections. These will keep the size of the web site more towards the accepted weights.

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Keep in mind that the length of the background image is dependent on what the user's resolution setting is. For instance, a setting of 1024x768 will require you to have a image height of at least 768px when viewing full screen. However, there are those that have it set as 1600x1200 which then you would have to have a image height of at least 1200px.


The other issue will be the page length itself. If you got some vertical scroll then obviously you will have to calculate that.


I prefer you upload your files to a server. I mean, you are going to put this on a server when you are done right? So why not now. Seeing your work on a live site will give you a more accurate visual on how your pages are rendering.

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