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Browser Compatibility Continued!


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Thanks to newseed I now have IE6 and IE7 loaded and surprise SURPRISE! They don't seem to understand CSS for beans!


HERE is my problem file(s).


IE8 understands everything except "text-shadow" which I can live without.


However all my <h> <p> IDs etc seem to be completely ignored by IE6-7


For instance the <div id="wrapper"> is ignored, bur my <body> styling works.


HELP!!! :blink:



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Damn-damn, double damn, TRIPLE-DAMN HELL!


Newseed you have eagle eyes! Many thanks for that catch!


However it did not solve my immediate problem in that the site is still broken in IE6-7


HERE is the link to the site (with corrected tiMes new roman!)


Thanks again!



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I only have IE8, so I cannot see what it's doing - and your doctype is just fine. The post you're talking about is about CSS3. I don't see anything in the code that should be an issue with IE6 or 7. The only thing that might be an issue, in your CSS on some of the selectors you have no space between it and the bracket - as in #header{ vs. #header {. Try adding a space where there is none and see if that makes a difference.

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You are missing a closing " after "Times new roman. Fix that and the css will display.



If you have IE8 you have IE7 incorporated with it. Go to Tools - Developper Tools. You can then display an inspector like Firebug and can switch between browser modes and document modes.

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