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HTML NOOB Question/where do I go?

Guest bigdog1988

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It simply showed it as code

This happens if the file has been saved with a .txt filename extension, you tried to save it as say homepage.html but it's actually been saved as homepage.html.txt.


Look at your file list with details shown so that you can see if it has the .txt extension, then rename it with only the .html extension and then open it in Firefox.


In Windows Explorer we Right click "Open with" Notepad to get the Notepad version for editing but double click to open in a default browser or right click "open with" Firefox; I'm not sure if this is how Macs work.


Learn HTML and CSS and then PHP (server-side processing). MySql will be useful to use with PHP for form processing or image storage and display.


Javascript or the more modern Ajax for client-side processing is also useful.


Dreamweaver is merely a way to code the above; you won't learn much using design view which produces over-complicated and repetitive code because it has to deal with every eventuality. Use the manual code facility and learn from that.


Flash will be too complicated until you have mastered the above.

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Here are some great resources: Where to Learn WebDesign


Other than that, looking at the code you posted, I have the following comments:


You have no doctype - use HTML 4.01 Strict (Read XHTML or HTML


Always and consistently use just lower-case letters for your code -it'll save you lots of problems in the future.


If you have any more questions or if something just doesn't work - check in here. Ideally, you post a link to the problem page so we can see exactly what's going on - alternatively, post the code.

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Do I need CSS? What if I learn HTML basics, Dreamweaver, Flash, PHP and MYSQL? Will I be able to design some user friendly, nice graphic websites with extensive backend databases (aka online stores)?


CSS is a must, otherwise you will always be behind the curve of other designers and make life hard for yourself maintaining sites. HTML Basics need not be mentioned, without that you can't build web sites except with a WYSIWYG and then you are not really a web designer. Dreamweaver is not a must, but it helps if you want to work for a company. If on your own there are many free tools you can use.


Otherwise it depends on what you want to do. Flash is not a must, it has questionable use. It may make a site interesting but it is mostly just eye candy and if used wrong can make sites worthless for people with disabilities. If you want to build more web based applications, then Adobe Flex may be of interest to you. If you plan on working freelance doing peoples web sites, PHP and MySQL are fine. If you plan on working for a company, PHP will be alright but you may want to learn C#.NET or Java and SQL rather than MySQL (Both Database and language) and regardless of MySQL, SQL or Oracle databases you must learn how to correctly design and create databases and database securtity if you are going to do ecommerce type stuff.

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Listen to these replies!


These are serious and experienced people. Their answers are your path to understanding the rigmaroles of HTML and CSS, which is the only way to go in web development.


I was a total NOOB a few years ago. Now I am an educated NOOB, and I am empowered by having been a member in here.


ANY serious questions in this forum are treated seriously, and you will receive a serious answer.


Good luck!



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