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String to float or int


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Hopefully a quick Q


I have a string with the value "4,120.00"


I'd like to convert this to a int or a float. (Im hoping without having to strip the string of its comma myself)


the value is set using:


$this->_value = round($value, 2);


when I use $this->_value = ((float)$value); it just returns "4" (becuase of the comma). Same thing with (int).


Anyone know a quick solution?

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if (is_string($value)) {

$value = (str_replace(",","",$value));

$this->_value = round($value, 2);



seems to be the fix i needed.


I dont know why i was looking for something easier than this, this was pretty dang simple lol.


(*is_string is only important due to various types being passed through my method.)

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cant you just cast the type to what you want


$newVar = (int)$var;


implicit transformation just cuts off the decimals it does not conduct a mathematical calculation to round the number to the nearest integer following the mathematical rules.

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