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  1. The best way would be to develop a Web Service which you would send the content of the catalogue back as XML. This would allow the developer at the other end to theme and style the content accordingly and provide more flexibility.
  2. is_numeric

    PHP Email System

    If you have access to the mail boxes then you could forward mail from these to your primary email address or the companies could add you as CC or BCC.
  3. I thought it was bad practice to globalise objects? Cant you just pass in the object to the class as an argument or instantiate the object from within the other class?
  4. I have been using notepad++ for a few months now and its brilliant. Very light weight and fast. It has its own FTP client and file explorer. Syntax colouring and loads more plugins. Its ideal for making quick changes as well. Also try the Zen Coding plugin. This provides an HTML template code for quick HTML implimentation. For example... html>(head>title)>body>div#wrapper>div#header+div#left+div#content+div#footer produces... <html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <div id="wrapper"> <div id="header">
  5. This is Dreamweaver produced code. If we hack it then the risk is you wont be able to edit it in the DW panels and therefore put you in a worse position than you are in now
  6. PHP has a PDF library built in http://php.net/manual/en/book.pdf.php although word on the street say this is a better option http://www.fpdf.org/
  7. Note the way I have written the array and then looped through it performing the change <?php $array = array( "category1\ncategory2\ncategory3\ncategory4", "category1\ncategory2\ncategory3\ncategory4\ncategory5" ); foreach($array as $values){ $newArray[] = preg_replace("(\n)",",",$values); } echo "<pre>"; print_r($newArray); echo "</pre>"; ?>
  8. Hi all I provide a web development training service for noobs My stats are telling me I get loads of visits but I am only converting a handful of sales a month Any tips around converting leads would be great The site is here
  9. You can do this a number of ways using PHP... Look at fwrite [example]... $f = fopen('/tmp/data.csv', 'a'); //<< in 'a' append mode fwrite($f, 'line of data 1'); //<< you will have to loop through this line fclose($f); // close handle Or using a MYSQL query... [example]... SELECT field1,field2,field3 FROM table INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/data.csv' FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' ENCLOSED BY '"' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n'
  10. I would ditch the mysqli method in favour of PDO. Its the way forward
  11. I suggest using Drupal CMS for your project you can use the Ubercart module and build a nice ecomm site which will handle memberships and payments. Ubercart has payment gateway interfaces so is quite nice. It will be a steep learning curve though. I am available for paid consultancy if you need a hand
  12. Thanks Krillz I didnt think you needed a destructor since PHP 5 as the objects are disposed of automatically
  13. In the library example where do you instantiate the object?
  14. ok say I had the following classes QueryClass //<< Runs SQL and query databases LoginClass //<< Does what it says FormProcessClass //<< cleans form data DataFormatterClass //<< Takes query output and creates a Pagination table If I want to access a method from one class to another and possibly another what's the preferred way Example (This is a made up example) I instantiate my FormProcessClass and pass in the $_POST'ed data from a form for cleaning and then return the output. I then need to pass this into my QueryClass
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