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  1. There is a set of PHP classes called PHPExcel for my purpose. But I have difficulty using the same.I think I have some errors in including some extensions. If anybody has used PHPExcel please respond.
  2. What I meant was from the user's point of view. For the project I am working on, one of my requirements is to save selected data in excel format. The end-user selects the data to be printed or saved. And I need the code for the same. It is not from the admin's point of view. Sorry if I didn't mention it.
  3. My Requirement is to export my database table data into an excel format. What is the easiest way to convert selected table data into excel format using PHP ? Is there a php function or a library or something like that?
  4. Thank you for your reply. But I am getting an error like: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDFlibException' with message 'Don't fetch buffer contents when writing to file' in C:\wamp\www\2pdf.php:125 Stack trace: #0 C:\wamp\www\2pdf.php(125): pdf_get_buffer(Resource id #6) #1 {main} thrown in C:\wamp\www\2pdf.php on line 125 Is this because I am using PHP5? And in PHP5 the extension is php_pdflib, I uncommented php_cpdf too.
  5. My requirement is to fetch required data from MySQL database tables and convert it to pdf format, so that it can be used for viewing,saving the page as well as printing. I need the php code to do the same.
  6. vishak

    Backup database

    $backupFile = $db_database.date("Y-m-d-H-i-s").'.sql'; $command = "mysqldump -u $db_user -p$db_password $db_database > ".$backupFile.""; if(!system($command)) echo "Error"; Actually I am using PHP.The above code fragment is what I have used. The above code works in ubuntu , but not in Windows. I want to know how I can make the system command work in windows..
  7. vishak

    Backup database

    I am working on a college administration site.At present I am using it locally(using localhost). My aim is to provide an option for database backup in case of system failure. For this I have used the command 'mysqldump -u username -ppasswd -databse>backup.sql'. In Linux(ubuntu) one can use the system command to execute the same. While in Windows 7 system i am not able to do the same.I have tried the system,exec commands etc. The safe mode is disabled in php.ini file. Can anyone help me to overcome this problem in Windows? Or Is there any other way to backup my database?
  8. Hi... I've just started learning Ajax and my question is : I am passing these values in this url , http://localhost/test/check.php?sem=s1&s2&branch=cse the value of sem is actually s1&s2, but since & is the delimiter here I'm not able to receive the full value of sem Should i escape the & character?(if so, how?) Or is there any other way to overcome this?
  9. I had mentioned in my first post that I am using a table, so of course a database. Sorry If hadn't posted it explicitly. My table structure is like this date day ........data........... 2010-01-02 Monday 2010-01-03 Tuesday 2010-01-04 Wednesday 2010-01-05 Thursday 2010-01-06 Friday 2010-01-07 Monday 2010-01-08 Tuesday 2010-01-09 Wednesday And now i have to display data week by week,after reading from the database.For example if today is 2nd of January (assume it is a monday)then display data till friday(till 6th of Jan). Then have a next and previous week button to display data accordingly.
  10. What I am storing is some data for each day of the month. I want to retrieve it week by week.It should include a next week and previous week button,so that a user can navigate accordingly. That's what i have in mind. At present I have done it using a vertical scroll bar and included the entire information.
  11. Hello, I have a table with fields date,day,and some data for each day. I want to display the data on a weekly basis, (ie from Monday to Friday) along with options for next week and previous week. Could someone help me with this?
  12. Could somebody help me on this please? I am creating a website for my college project. I am using both Dreamweaver and Visual Web Developer. I created the web page in my laptop and it was working fine. But when i tried it in my Desktop all the positioning of tables,drop down menus etc are wayward. My main problem was the horizontal scroll bar but that was ok once I resized my background image.Then I tried changing all my positioning style to 'relative' but still some problem persists.Should I run some javascript according to the computer resolution or something? And my laptop resolution is 1280*800 while that of Desktop is 1024*768.
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