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  1. Hi all, I have an existing PHP/mySQL site with a login using sessions. I'm pretty raw when it comes to PHP and am struggling to implement extended features to the login. The login is pretty basic in that either you are logged in to everything or not. Any user account that is logged in has access to the pricing on our site (we're a wholesaler). Currently there is no way to segregate the users. We are adding a section to the site that we want to limit to a very small number of customers for now. So, my thought was to grant them additional privileges to get to that section. - For the users, they would never have to do anything different, just login as usual and if they have the new privileges, they can access the new section. - The controls for those privileges would be something as simple as a checkbox in the Admin Panel on the existing user account page. Once checked, privileges are granted and that user when logged in gains access to the new section. So, I added a column into the user accounts table in the DB thinking that the default (unchecked) would be '0' or no privileges and if the admin checked the box in the admin panel that it would change to '1' and give them access. I dunno if that's the best approach but it's what I'm attempting. I'm reading and reading but not learning enough to get it to work. Basically, I'm not figuring out how to get the PHP working and/or put in the right place. I know that's a little vague about the script. I'm new to PHP and really stuck, hoping I can get some pointers. Thanks for any feedback!
  2. Hi all, We are a wholesaler and have built an online catalog site (just a catalog, not ecommerce) of our products (using a RocketTheme Joomla template). Some of our smaller customers would like to be able to do a live feed of our catalog right into their existing site. I know one method is for our customers to use an iframe to accomplish this. That's kind of old school though and has some limitations, but it works for now. I'd like to find a better method. Thoughts? SSI Includes only work on the same server. PHP Includes don't seem to be doing the trick for me, but I'm totally new to them and could be missing it entirely. RSS Feeds seem to be only for individual content on sites, not the site in it's entirety. Stumped! Thanks for your input!
  3. Hadn't heard the small, medium, large before. that's interesting to know. I've started using Joomla this year. After reading a lot about CMSs, what I was able to ascertain is that Wordpress is more for Designers, Drupal more for Programmers/Developers and Joomla was the happy medium.
  4. Thanks Falken, I had thought of the URL issue and you're right, a lot of names are taken in some context. There's always a way to make a name work in a URL, though could be confusing if not just straightforward. I agree about Stark Raving Mad/Web. I do really like it, but I have those reservations of the negative implications of it. It was actually the first name I came up with, but my reservations drove me to explore others resulting in the poll. Thanks NewSeed. Good ideas. I'll have to noodle around with that some more. I just haven't found anything I like in taking that approach. I even tried to come up with a made up, easy to spell, fun to say name like Google, but haven't created anything suitable yet.
  5. Hey Killers, I'm creating a name/ID for freelance site design/development. I'm very undecided on this and thought I simply take a survey and see what sounds good to the masses. What better place to ask than good old KillerSites. Please help me out and take a couple seconds to vote on a name. Vote at MicroPoll (I have no affiliation with them, just a free service) Thanks for your input!!!
  6. Not sure what section to post this in....... I'm looking at the statistics on my website and I have amongst the browser listing, two that show up as "Rippers 0". I've googled around and found that it is not a browser, but software used basically just to grab your entire site. I'm reading all kinds of views on it, solutions, non-solutions, etc. What does everyone here know about this? How concerned should I be? How do I respond to it? thanks for you help.
  7. Thanks Wickam. I was hoping a CMS would allow rights in the way you've described. I'm beginning to noodle around with Joomla to see what I can do. Another thought was do use Feeds to broadcast our info and allow our customers to pick up the feeds. I know less about feeds than I do CMSs and that sounds like it could be more complicated. For some it would work, but others who invest less resources into their site, it sounds like it would be too unfamiliar and too complicated setting it up on their end.
  8. Hi all, I don't know the term of the type of site I'm investigating, so I'm calling it "a la carte". I'm curious to hear feedback on whether this is possible and how so. We are a manufacturer and wholesaler. We sell to our customers, who mark it up and turn around and resell to the end clients. A lot of our customers are very small businesses that don't have much invested in websites. So, we made a "generic" catalog site for all them to be able to use without giving away the fact that they really buy everything from us. This is the site I'm looking at redoing completely. One idea was to have it so that each one of our customers could customize our site and tailor it to suit their needs. They don't always want to sell all our products that we have on the site. I've been looking around for something like this, but yet to find a good solution. I've not yet done a CMS but had a thought that might work there. The site I'd make would be MySite.c0m then create accounts for our customers where they could make it joe.mysite.c0m pam.mysite.c0m fred.mysite.c0m etc. Is that a possibility with a CMS? Or is there a better solution? thanks for your feedback!
  9. Hi friends, I have a list of about 30 videos for our company spread around our site. I have to create a resource for our customers to access these all in one convenient location. If it comes down to it, I could simply make a list and on each click it loads that video on it's own page. I'd prefer to find something a little more dynamic. A video playback where it has #1 loaded, with playback controls as well as a thumbnail list (scrollable?) for convenience. I like how ESPN is presenting their stories in this format now, though not all video. Could be on the page or in a lightbox type setup. We have a combination of .mov, .swf, and animated gifs. I don't want to make it overly complicated, but want something that looks really nice as well as being very intuitive, easy & functional for the end user. I'm not so sure I'm knowledgeable enough to write something that dynamic, not with my boss wanting everything done yesterday. I'm searching around and not finding anything Open Source along these lines. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  10. Haha. No, I wasn't meaning that as a joke. I just did not express it clearly enough. That latter part of your comment is what I was wondering about. Like you, I thought I had originally read, a few months ago, that when IE8 roles out, it would be able to emulate 6 & 7. Everything I was reading yesterday only mentions the emulation of 7 in IE8. It would make more sense to have IE8 emulations of 6 & 7, but then, this is M$ we are talking about and they're not known for their making sensedness. (it's a new word I just made up) I hope you are correct. I'm just not wanting to remove 6 off the old laptop I'm using for testing until it's verified that IE8 can emulate both 6&7 and do so accurately. Thanks for the clarification.
  11. Thanks for your time on that shelfimage. Good read. Looks like they didn't do it for ie6. Stinks, that's the one that eats up most of my time. Hopefully 8 will further hasten the demise of 6.
  12. I read that with IE8, there is the capability to view pages as if you were in IE7 or IE6. Does anyone know anything about this? Is it true? If so, is it an accurate representation of those versions? Sounds pretty great if so. Less computers to bounce around to for testing.
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