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I've been working on my first client-wordpress website for about a month now - mo mshou secleaning.com - almost fnished, and yesterday, first time I'm aware of it, the site was down. The client, who's pretty involved, immediately contacted Godaddy, and they told him that the coding is to blame. Now - this is a TINY site - only 5 pages, maybe 7 pics, ONE plugin - not even any posting going on. And traffic certainly isn't anywhere near critical stages. PLus, I had not made any critical changes in a couple weeks or so - just CSS stuff. The site was back up pretty quick, but extremely slow. He kept calling and then someone told him there were known server issues causing this.


By evening, all was well, but mid-afternoon today, the site went down again. He called again and told me

The guy at Godaddy is telling me why wordpress as opposed to a HTML site. He said wordpress is for blogs and constantly changing web sites (so he says). He also said I may have to be put on a special server just for Wordpress if the site keeps getting slow (up to a 48hr downtime).
Personally, I think Godaddy is full of it - but it is only my 2nd home-made Wordpress Template, so what do I know. Any insights?
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I despise GoDaddy when using WordPress. DESPISE them. What type of server are you on? Windows or Linux? I can't imagine WP causing the problem. I've had clients purchase Windows hosting and I call GoDaddy to switch them to Linux because Windows causes so many issues.


BTW, the site came up just fine for me.

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The problem with Godaddy sometimes is that you have some high school kids it seems (who know little) doing the tech support.


Of course, I have a friend who has been using them for years with Wordpress and he has no complaints.




What can you do. For killersites, we use a dedicated server.



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