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Wordpress Contact Form Timestamp Issue

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I'm stumped. I'm using a contact form plug in for a client's site, it's sending emails to his address info@samedomain.com. However, when emails arrive in his inbox, they show a 5 hour time difference between actual sent and time stamp. So far, I have:


made sure that the dashboard time settings are correct (set at UTC -5)


changed the address to mine and test emails to myself arrive with the proper timestamp


sent emails to the customer's info@samedomain.com directly via my Outlook, and they also arrive with the prober time stamp.


It's not the form, it's not the email account, but apparently, it's the two of them together.


Any ideas?

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But the time shows correct when I send an email to the same address (vs. the form email). That's what's puzzling to me. I expected the time difference in general with that particular email account.

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I tried the Plugin Susie recommended, and the timestamp is right. Must be some hick-up in the plugin that causes issues with certain email accounts.

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